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Birthplace : Kashmir, India
Nationality : Indian
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Aamir Bashir (born September 17) is an Indian actor who was fond of acting right from his school days. The son of the retired Chief Justice of Jammu High Court, Aami was born in Kashmir, shifted to Delhi during his college days and lived there for nine years. He graduated in History at Stephen's College University of Delhi and studied Law after that. While he was studying in the capital of the Indian subcontinent he also participated in theater in his college ad outside the college premises as well. With dreams of being a successful actor he landed in the tinsel town in the year 1998 and started off with a small role in the English movie Split Wide Open. In Mumbai he lives alone and his father stays in Delhi while his mother and married younger brother puts up in Srinagar. He is single at present.

Commenting on his preference of a woman he remarks, "I like intelligent women, and it basically depends on emotional compatibility than anything else". In his spare time he likes to read, watch movies and a lot of sports. If not in the profession of acting he would love to have been in sports broadcasting as he is very passionate about sports. The only thing he misses in Mumbai is the winters and he also feels that a place that does not have four seasons misses out on many things and according to him Mumbai is exactly a place like that.

Aamir Bashir started his career of acting after he received his first applause in a school play, which was for a telefilm called 'Doordarshan Srinagar'. In one of the recent interviews Aamir Bashir frankly stated that Naseeruddin Shah had a huge contribution in his decision of becoming an actor. He watched and admired him a lot. Another favorite actor of his is Om Puri and his dream of working with him was actually fulfilled on a very good show called Antaral. He also remarks that he was so excited to be standing in front of him in this show that he actually fumbled his lines. He also considers both Shah and Puri as the only proponents of acting as a form of art and at the same time for their humility. Among the international actors his favorites are Daniel Day Lewis and Robert D`Nero. He was never interested in acting in television but then he did a one off story for Sony Television`s Bhanwar. It was only after this that he was offered Alpviram and after this there was no look back for him. In this serial he enacted the character of Rohit who was an altogether different character right from the beginning. He was not the same husband, lover and boyfriend but an absolutely different individual.

Recently he was seen in the popular tele-soap Time Bomb that used to be aired on Zee television. The role he enacted was a brief one but it was highly praised by his fans. The director of this serial Ketan Mehta also told him that he was highly recommended by the renowned film director Sudhir Mishra for his performance. In this serial he enacts the character of an assassin who has been killed. He dies in the serial as his role was supposed to end in that way itself. There was a kind of ambiguity to the character and it was also mysterious. The team also thought of extending his track but things did not turn out in his favor ultimately. At present he is not satisfied with working on television as he is bored of it. He feels that it is like going to office and working for a shift of 9-6 is just intolerable for him. He is also not interested in working with the Balaji Productions as he feels that family drama is not his cup of tea.

In the silver screen he made his debut in the film called Armaan with a big star cast including the Bollywood biggies Amitabh Bachhan. He claims in a recent interview that his role on paper for this movie was even bigger than that of Big B but due to the length of the film a lot of his role had been edited out. As nobody was ready to launch him at that time he did not have much of a choice. He also wrote a script for a movie, Harud, which he even direct. The script he worked on is based on Kashmir, which is also redefined as the traveler`s paradise. Aamir Bashir wanted to make a mark in the film industry as a completely different actor and not by following the footsteps of any great actor. This great actor will surely make it big in the arena of acting in the times to come as he is an optimist. According to him the ultimate truth is, "Whatever rises will fall. Whatever is born will die. So when everything is impermanent learn to live in the moment."

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