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Alphonse Dochez biography

Date of birth : 1882-04-21
Date of death : 1964-06-30
Birthplace : San Francisco, California,U.S.
Nationality : American
Category : Science and Technology
Last modified : 2011-12-21
Credited as : Physician, discovered the importance of DNA, Scarlet fever, pneumonia, common cold researches

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Alphonse Raymond Dochez was an American physician and disease researcher. He developed an antitoxin for scarlet fever , and definitively established that viruses cause the common cold.

He was also the life-long roommate of Oswald Avery, the physician credited, after his death, with discovering the importance of DNA. Dochez was also a labmate of Martin Henry Dawson, the first person in history to inject penicillin in a human.

Working with his long-time research partner Oswald Avery, physician and scientist Alphonse Dochez found that antibodies to the pneumococcus bacteria are formed in the blood to battle pneumonia and to aid recovery, and in 1917 they isolated these antibodies to develop an antitoxin injection to treat pneumonia.

Dochez later performed similar research that showed scarlet fever is caused by streptococci, which led to an antitoxin for that disease. He also conducted research that showed in 1935 that the common cold is caused by a virus, and in 1938 he developed an antitoxin to prevent and cure distemper in dogs.

Author of books:
-Etiology of Scarlet Fever (1925)

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