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Date of birth : 1941-04-17
Date of death : -
Birthplace : Berani, Sindh, British India
Nationality : Indian
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Last modified : 2010-04-08
Credited as : Hindi spiritual leader, Sanskrit school, Yoga

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Shri Asaram Ji Bapu (born April 17, 1941) is a self-realized Hindu spiritual guru from India. Bapu is also known as "Sant Sri Asaram Ji Bapu".

Traveling extensively in India and abroad, he preaches the message of Vedanta, Yoga, divine love, Bhakti (devotion), and Mukti (salvation) through his teachings and Satsangs. The organization is involved in charity and works of social service for past 42 years . The organization has more than 350 Ashrams around the world with head quarters in Ahmadabad. Shri Yog vedant sewa samiti manages the ashram. It is supported by more than 1200 regional samities to carry out the holy work of bringing peace and relief to the downtrodden.

As a child, Asumal was quite inclined towards religious epics. Mother is always the very first teacher of a child. Asumal would listen to stories of Ramayana, Bhagwavata and other scriptures from his mother. The first seed of spiritual life was sown in his life during this period.

Asumal started displaying glimpses of prodigious memory at the young age of three. Due to the unfortunate partition of India the whole family had to migrate from Sindh in Pakistan to Maninagar near Ahmadabad, in Gujarat.

Asumal started going to school again in Maninagar. Six year old Asumal was brilliant in studies. During the recess time, when other children used to play, Asumal would sit under a tree for meditation. The teachers used to praise Asumal for being cheerful, pure at heart and intelligent. Teachers used to call him Hansmukh bhai (the one who keeps smiling always). While leaving for school, Thaumal used to fill Asumal's pocket with cashews, pistachios, almonds and walnuts. Asumal would share these nuts with all other students. At home, Asumal would serve his father by massaging his feet at night.

Mother Mehgiba developed Asumal's interest in dhyaan-bhajan (meditation and prayers) right from his early childhood. Mehgiba would put makkhan-mishri (sweetened butter) in front of Asumal when he would be sitting for meditation with his eyes closed. She would tell Asumal to open his eyes and see what prasaad (blessed food) God had sent for him. Asumal would keep sitting in deep meditation for long hours in a small room. When the neighbours would come to meet Mehgiba, finding Asumal meditating so profoundly, they would attract Menhgiba's attention towards him. Inspired by the neighbours, Mehgiba would ask Asumal to do less of meditation, but nothing could move Asumal's determination.

When Asumal saw that school education could be used merely for the purpose of winning bread and fulfilling worldly enjoyment, he became disenchanted to education. Nevertheless he continued going to school. Whenever there was any time to spare, he would go to a lonely place and meditate.

At a very young age Asumal lost his father and the family business started dwindling. Asumal had to discontinue his education and shoulder on the family's responsibility along with his elder brother. Asumal's presence in the business improved the profits, but his mind was far away from the business. He always yearned for spiritual knowledge.

After his father's demise Asumal's discrimination towards life intensified. He increased the time for mediation and realized that God alone is one reality & essence of life. His concentration increased greatly due to regular, pure meditation. No one could stop the fire of renunciation that was enveloping him completely. As Asumal grew into youth his meditation and search for Truth intensified. Asumal's growing detachment to the world worried his family and they decided to get him married. Asumal's family got him engaged.

Asumal kept postponing marriage for two and half years. Eventually, his family fixed a date of his marriage but he ran away from his home eight days before the day of marriage. His family started searching for him and found him in Ashok Ashram in Bharuch and took him back to home. After reaching home Asumal was married to Lakshmi Devi.
Asumal told his wife that his ultimate goal is to self realize. He made her understand that he'll come back to home for a normal life after getting the state of self realization.
In order to understand the spiritual books properly he joined a Sanskrit school. Four days before the final exam he was influenced by a shloka which meant "The one who has disowned expectations & materialistic desires & has adopted the desire-less state, the penances & worship of such a person has reached completion." His desire to attain God got intensified again. He made up his mind to break from family so as to realize God.

Journey to Spirituality

After leaving his dominions, Asumal went from place to place and at nights slept on the grass, homeless and alone. He did spiritual practices in deep forests, on hills, in deep caves, in various great temples. At Kedarnath, the priest blessed Asumal to become a millionaire, but Asumal did not appreciate this. He told the priest to do prayers again and bless him to attain God.

Asumal then went to Vrindavan, the land of Lord Krishna. Here he was inspired to goto the ashram of the Guru, Swami Sri Lilashahji Maharaj. He had to wait for 40 days in the Ashram to get the glimpse of the Guru. There he stayed and served his Guru with devotion. He waged war with so many troubles. He used to take just boiled Mung as food, sleep in a small 4.5 feet room. Lilashah Ji made Asumal go through several hardships for another 30 days & then finally Asumal was blessed. Swami Sri Lilashah Ji Maharaj asked him to go back to home & continue his spiritual practices at home.

While coming back to his home, he left the train and went to Moti Koral (A place in Gujarat). His mind was attuned to only self-realization. No one can stop a man who is on his way to Paramapada (Ultimate Realization). He started doing dyaan at the bank or river Narmada. A local saint Shri Lalji Maharaj got impressed by Asumal's intense spiritual practices. Lalji Maharaj made arrangements for Asumal to stay in Datt Kutir of Ram Niwas (Lalji Maharaj's Ashram). Asumal started the 40 day Anushthan here.

When Asumal's wife and mother came to know that he was staying at Moti Koral they visited him. They requested him to come back. But Asumal told them without completing the Anushthan he cannot come. He successfully completed the Anushthan. The whole village & Lalji Maharaj himself came to the railway station to see them off to Ahmadabad. As soon as the train started moving from Miyagaun junction, Asumal jumped out and boarded a train towards Bombay to meet Guru Swami Sri Lilashah Ji Maharaj.

Asumal reached Bombay (Mumbai) and met Guru Swami Sri Lilashahji Maharaj. Swami Sri Lilashahji Maharaj was very happy to see his disciple's keen interest to attain the truth. Hence, on 2nd Day of Ashwin month in Samvat 2021 at 2.30pm in the afternoon Asumal was transformed into Asaram Bapu by the blessings of Swami Sri Lilashahji Maharaj. After this Asaram Bapu went into samadhi for next two and a half days.

Swami Sri Lilashahji Maharaj instructed Asaram to serve the humanity by staying as a householder. After Self-Realization Asaram Bapu stayed in solitude for seven years. Asaram Bapu used to give religious discourse to all those who came to meet & see Bapu. Bapu spent His solitude in various places like Disa, Naareshwar Dhaam, the Himalayas, Mount Abu & so on.

Asaram chose a peaceful place in the Motera village on the banks of Sabarmati river. Later on some of the devotees constructed a small room for him which is known as "Moksha Kutir". Slowly, the number of devotees coming to Motera kept on increasing and in a very short time the place became a great spiritual center. Today Motera is the main spiritual centre for the devotees coming to Sant Sri Asaramji Ashram.

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