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Auguste Lumière (en) biography

Date of birth : 1862-10-19
Date of death : 1954-04-10
Birthplace : Besançon, France
Nationality : French
Category : Science and Technology
Last modified : 2011-12-19
Credited as : scientist, Co-Inventor of motion pictures, operated the first x-ray machinery in France

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Auguste Lumière and his brother Louis Lumière invented a new machine to manufacture photographic gelatin dry-plates in 1882, which made them wealthy. They invented the Cinematograph, a machine which made and projected what were arguably the first modern-day motion pictures, in 1895.

They made many movies over the next several years, most of which were a minute or less in length and consisted of one shot from a stationary camera, but Louis and Auguste Lumière's films established the basics of cinematography, camera-angle, composition, and directorial technique. Seeing little business future in the Cinematograph, they stopped making movies in 1901.

Lumière's primary interest was in medical matters, and he left the film shop in 1910, using the proceeds of the brothers' photography business to establish a large-scale research laboratory in Lyon.

Over the last several decades of his life, Auguste Lumière was more famous for his medical research than for his work in motion pictures. He owned and operated the first x-ray machinery in France, and with his substantial albeit self-taught knowledge of chemistry and radiology he managed the radiology department at the famed Hôtel-Dieu de Lyon Hospital.

He conducted investigations into cancer, pharmacology, senility, tuberculosis, and other medical matters, and wrote more than a dozen books documenting his research.

Author of books:
-Résumé des Travaux Scientifiques de MM. Auguste et Louis Lumière (1914, memoir)
-Ròle des colloides chez les êtres Vivants (1921, medical research)
-Théorie Colloïdale de la Biologie & de la Pathologie (1922, medical research)
-Le Problème de l'Anaphylaxie (1924, medical research)
-Life, Illness, and Death: Colloidal Phenomena (1928, medical research)
-Le Cancer: Maladie des Cicatrices (1929, medical research)
-Tuberculose (1931, medical research)
-Anaphylaxie (1932, medical research)
-Sénilité et Rajeunissement (1932, medical research)
-Tuberculosis: Infection-Heredity (1933, medical research)
-Les Horizons de la Médecine (1937, medical research)
-Les Slogans de la Médecine (1941, medical research)
-La Recherche Scientifique (1948, medical research)
-La Maladie: Cette Grande Inconnue (1949, medical research)
-Cancer et le Secret de sa Genèse (1953, medical research)
-Mes travaux et mes jours (My Work and My Life) (1953, memoir)
-Correspondances of Auguste and Louis Lumière 1890-1953 (1994, letters; posthumous)

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