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Date of birth : 1968-01-15
Date of death : -
Birthplace : Dayton, Ohio, U.S.
Nationality : American
Category : Arts and Entertainment
Last modified : 2024-01-15
Credited as : Actor, Rob Lowe, Life Goes On

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Chad Lowe: A remarkable journey through life and career as an American Actor

Chad Lowe is an American actor. He is the younger brother of fellow actor Rob Lowe. He won an Emmy Award for his supporting role in "Life Goes On" as a man suffering with HIV. He has also had recurring roles on ER, Melrose Place, and Now and Again. One of his recent prominent roles was Deputy White House Chief of Staff Reed Pollock on the sixth season of 24.

The Early Years in Dayton, Ohio

Charles Conrad Lowe, born in Dayton, Ohio, was destined for the limelight. Raised in a family where education and law were prominent, his parents, Barbara and Chuck Lowe, laid the foundation for a life of talent and creativity. Chad's roots played a crucial role in shaping the man who would later grace both television and film.

A Teenage Start in Hollywood

Chad Lowe's journey in the entertainment industry commenced during his teenage years. His early foray into acting included a notable role as the lead in the short-lived sitcom, "Spencer." However, his trajectory took an unexpected turn, setting the stage for more significant roles in the years to come.

Acting and Beyond:

The 1987 made-for-TV film, "April Morning," showcased Lowe's acting prowess alongside Tommy Lee Jones and Robert Urich. This historical drama depicted the battle of Lexington during the American Revolutionary War, providing a glimpse into Lowe's versatility as an actor. Beyond acting, Lowe ventured into directing, making his debut with the short film "The Audition" in 2000 and later directing "Beautiful Ohio" in 2007.

Chad Lowe's career boasts an array of notable roles, including recurring appearances on popular shows like ER, Melrose Place, and the sixth season of 24, where he portrayed Deputy White House Chief of Staff Reed Pollock. These experiences not only solidified his presence in Hollywood but also showcased his ability to bring characters to life.

Behind the glitz and glamour, Chad Lowe's personal life played out in the public eye. His marriage to actress Hilary Swank, spanning from 1997 to 2007, was marked by both triumph and tribulation. Infamous moments, such as Swank forgetting to thank Lowe during her first Academy Award acceptance speech, unfolded against the backdrop of their relationship. The couple eventually parted ways in 2007.

A Second Act:

As the curtains fell on one chapter, a new one unfolded. In 2009, Lowe found love again with producer Kim Painter. Their journey led to marriage in 2010 and the joyous arrival of their daughter, Mabel Painter Lowe. This chapter symbolizes resilience, love, and the beauty of new beginnings. They welcomed their second daughter on November 15, 2012. The couple welcomed their third daughter on March 18, 2016.

Filmography of Chad Lowe:
1984: Oxford Blues
1988: Apprentice to Murder
1989: True Blood
1990: Nobody's Perfect
1991: Highway to Hell
1996: Driven
1997: Floating
1997: Trading Favors
1997: Quiet Days in Hollywood
1997: The Others
1998: Suicide, the Comedy
2000: The Audition
2001: Your Guardian; Acceptable Risk
2002: Unfaithful ; The Space Between; Fielder's Choice
2003: Red Betsy
2007 : Beautiful Ohio
2014: California Scheming
2015: Entourage
2019: 7 Days to Vegas

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