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Date of birth : 1914-11-20
Date of death : 2003-12-18
Birthplace : New York City, New York, US
Nationality : American
Category : Famous Figures
Last modified : 2011-05-25
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Charles Frambach Berlitz was an American linguist and language teacher known for his books on anomalous phenomena, as well as his language-learning courses. He is listed in People's Almanac as one of fifteen most eminent linguists in the world.

Charles Berlitz was the grandson of Berlitz language lesson magnate Maximilian Berlitz. He learned several languages as a child, studied language at Yale, and worked at Berlitz Publications until the family lost control of the company in 1967. During his time with the family business, he oversaw development of taped version of the famed Berlitz language courses, and wrote several books on language.

After his retirement he continued writing language texts, but gained greater fame as a writer on fringe topics. His The Bermuda Triangle sold 14 million copies and almost single-handedly popularized the alleged 'mystery' of numerous ship- and plane wrecks in the Atlantic Ocean near Bermuda. His other nominal non-fiction included The Mystery of Atlantis, which alleged that Berlitz had discovered a pyramid on the ocean's floor, and The Philadelphia Experiment, claiming that in 1943 the US Navy had tested machinery to render an entire military vessel invisible but that the experiment had gone horribly awry, leaving sailors' bodies melded into the ship's metal.

Author of books:

The Mystery of Atlantis (1969)
Mysteries from Forgotten Worlds (1972)
Passport to French (1972, language)
The Bermuda Triangle (1974, with William L. Moore)
Dictionary of foreign terms (1975, language)
Without a Trace:New Information from the Triangle (1977)
The Philadelphia Experiment: Project Invisibility (1979, with William L. Moore)
German Step-by-Step (1979, language)
Italian Step-by-Step (1979, language)
The Roswell Incident (1980, with William L. Moore)
Doomsday 1999 A.D. (1981, with J. Manson Valentine)
Native Tongues (1983, language)
Atlantis: The Lost Continent Revealed (1984)
Passport to Japanese (1985, language)
English Step-by-Step (1985, language)
Passport to French (1986, language)
Passport to German (1986, language)
Passport to Italian (1986, language)
The Lost Ship of Noah: In Search of the Ark at Ararat (1987)
Charles Berlitz's World of Strange Phenomena (1988)
Passport to Chinese (1988, language)
The Dragon's Triangle (1989)
Spanish Step-by-Step (1990, language)
Around the World in 80 Words (1991, language)
Charles Berlitz's World of the Odd and the Awesome (1991)
Charles Berlitz's World of the Incredible but True (1992)
Passport to Spanish (1992, language)
Passport to the World (1995, language)
Learn German (1995, language)

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