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Chittaranjan Das biography

Date of birth : 1870-11-05
Date of death : 1925-06-16
Birthplace : Bikrampur, Dhaka (now in Bangladesh)
Nationality : Indian
Category : Politics
Last modified : 2010-11-05
Credited as : Lawyer, major figure in the Indian independence movement, the mayor of Calcutta Corporation

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Though a lawyer by profession, Chittaranjan Das or C.R. Das went on to play a very important role in Indian struggle for independence from the British. He was born on 5 November 1870 and acquired his education from England. His career in law kicked off in the year 1909 when he successfully defended Aurobindo Ghosh when the latter was involved in the Alipore bomb blast case. Fondly, he was called Deshbandu by near and dear ones.

Read this biography to know more about the life history of Chittaranjan Das or CR Das, who was an important personality in Bengal during the time of the non-cooperation movement from 1919 to 1922. It was he who started the boycott of British or western dresses. He set an example for others to follow by burning his own western clothes and in its stead, adopting the hand made desi khadi garments. He later set up the Swaraj Party to propagate his non-moderate views with Motilal Nehru.

CR Das also launched a newspaper named Forward to spread his message to the public and fight the British raj, but later rechristened it as Liberty. He was appointed the mayor of Calcutta Corporation after it was formed and also supervised the Gaya round of the Indian National Congress. Deshbandu was continuously ill throughout his political life. But despite this, he showed spunk and unwavering determination in opposing the foreign rule.

Chittaranjan Das was a staunch non-believer of non-violence and advocated the adherence of constitutional ways in order to attain independence for India. He preached communal concord and supported the cause of national education. After him, his teachings and legacy was taken forward by his followers like Subhas Chandra Bose and others. Chittaranjan Das will always remembered for his struggle in the Indian war of independence.

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