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Date of birth : 1952-07-08
Date of death : -
Birthplace : Canada
Nationality : Canadian
Category : Famous Figures
Last modified : 2010-07-07
Credited as : Fiction and non-fiction writer, A Killing Smile, Vincent Calcino Private Eye series

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Christopher G. Moore (born 8 July 1952) is a Canadian writer of twenty novels and one collection of short stories. He is best known for his trilogy A Killing Smile (1991), A Bewitching Smile (1992) and A Haunting Smile (1993), a behind-the-smiles study of his adopted country, Thailand, and for his Vincent Calvino Private Eye series set in Bangkok. His novels have been translated into German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Hebrew, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Turkish, Norwegian and Thai.

While a law professor at the University of British Columbia, he had the chance to visit Japan in 1983 and from Tokyo at the invitation of a friend continued on to visit Thailand for the first time . His first book His Lordship’s Arsenal was published in New York in 1985.

Vincent Calvino is a fictional Bangkok-based private eye created by Christopher G. Moore in the Vincent Calvino Private Eye series. Vincent Calvino first appeared in 1992 in Spirit House, the first novel in the series. His latest appearance is in The Risk of Infidelity Index, the ninth novel in the series published in 2007. Moore’s protagonist, Vincent Calvino, half Jewish and half Italian, is an ex-lawyer from New York, who, under ambiguous circumstances, gave up law practice and became a private eye in Bangkok. “Hewn from the hard-boiled Dashiell Hammett/Raymond Chandler model, Calvino is a tough, somewhat tarnished hero with a heart of gold.”—Mark Schreiber, The Japan Times.Calvino has been said to epitomize "the complex, thus constantly troubled, private investigator of classic crime fiction, albeit replanted into the exotic, even surreal setting that is Thailand . . ."


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Radio drama

* View from Cambie Bridge (N.H.K. Japan) (1983)
* The Bamboo Pillar (C.B.C.) (1983)
* The Semi-Detached Barrister (C.B.C.) (1981)
* Sticks and Pucks (C.B.C.) (1980)

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