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Nationality : British
Category : Arts and Entertainment
Last modified : 2012-07-09
Credited as : indie-pop singer, electronic, friendly fires

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Edward Huw Macfarlane, currently the lead singer in Friendly Fires, is also known to produce electronic music on the side.

From the early EPs which were heavily influences by Warp records artists such as boards of canada and autechre to the club bangers “the strobe light” and “lets split up”, which saw Macfarlane’s influence shift to the Berlin clubscene and a kompakt records inspired sound.

“I feel nostalgic for that mid-to-late 90s, hip-hop meets chart pop meets RnB sort of music,” Ed once said. “I love those N-Sync or Backstreet Boys records, tough hi-tech pop with hugely detailed production. And slamming percussion too. Having said that I probably hated it at the time!” “But that era of pop music does feel like it had more soul,” Edd nods. "Nowadays you hear the same synth sounds on everything – it all feels soulless and sterile."

Pala (2011) album Track Listings:

1. Live Those Days Tonight
2. Blue Cassette
3. Running Away
4. Hawaiian Air
5. Hurting
6. Pala
7. Show Me Lights
8. True Love
9. Pull Me Back To Earth
10. Chimes
11. Helpless

"Pala (Remix)" single 2011:

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