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Date of birth : 1950-04-10
Date of death : 1992-12-23
Birthplace : Brooklyn, New York, U.S.
Nationality : American
Category : Famous Figures
Last modified : 2012-01-12
Credited as : Musician, Guitarist, guitarist for George Clinton and Funkadelic

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Eddie Hazel was a pioneering and influential guitarist in early funk music in the United States, most famous for his lead guitar work with George Clinton and Funkadelic.

In 1967, The Parliaments (a Plainfield-based doo wop band headed by George Clinton) hit the charts with “I Wanna Testify”. Clinton recruited a backing band for a tour, hiring Billy “Bass” Nelson. Eddie was in Newark, New Jersey working with George Blackwell and couldn’t be reached. After Nelson returned from the tour, he tried to recruit Eddie. His mother at first vetoed the idea (since Eddie was only seventeen), but Clinton and Nelson worked together to change her mind.

In the fall of 1967, The Parliaments went on tour with both Nelson and Hazel. In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Hazel met and befriended Tiki Fulwood, who quickly replaced The Parliaments’ drummer. Nelson, Hazel and Fulwood became the backbone of Funkadelic, which was originally the backup band for The Parliaments, only to later become an independent touring group when legal difficulties forced the group to (temporarily) abandon the name “Parliaments”.

The doo wop of The Parliaments quickly began morphing into the soul-inflected hard rock of Funkadelic, influenced as much by Jimi Hendrix as Frankie Lymon. The switch to Funkadelic was complete with the addition of Tawl Ross and Bernie Worrell (rhythm guitar and keyboards, respectively). Funkadelic (1970), Free Your Mind… And Your Ass Will Follow (1970) and Maggot Brain (1971) were the first three albums, released in a mere two years.

In the next several years, Hazel appeared occasionally on Parliament-Funkadelic albums, although his guitar work was rarely featured. One song that featured Hazel's lead guitar is "Comin' Round the Mountain" on Hardcore Jollies (1976). In 1977, Hazel recorded a "solo" album, Game, Dames and Guitar Thangs, with support from other members of Parliament-Funkadelic, including vocals from The Brides of Funkenstein.

He was completely absent from One Nation Under a Groove (1978), Funkadelic's most commercially successful album. Hazel made another prominent appearance in "Man's Best Friend" on the George Clinton album Computer Games (1982), as well as the track "Pumping It Up" from the P-Funk All Stars album Urban Dancefloor Guerillas.

On December 23, 1992, Hazel died from internal bleeding and liver failure. "Maggot Brain" was played at his funeral.

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