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Date of birth : -
Date of death : -
Birthplace : Indonesia
Nationality : Indonesian
Category : Arts and Entertainment
Last modified : 2011-01-05
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Born from a pair Susiani Hasan Ali and Anna, Emil, Emilia Contessa so close calls, like singing since childhood. Various attempts were made the mother so that Emil can appear to sing at various events. In 1986, Emil won the overall champion held a pop singer when Surabaya PON VII. The event is also open the way Emil became a professional singer.
Emil who was then still use the name of Hasan Emilia was invited by talent scouts from Philips Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore who asked Emil to records in Singapore in 1970.
One year in Singapore, Emil who was then accompanied by her mother, returned to Indonesia. Emil then introduced the first time through the TV by Chris Pattikawa, who heads entertainment events in TVRI. With a new name Emilia Contessa, Emil went straight uphill. Emil was one of the few female singers of this country which has a soprano voice that is very powerful and loud. Emil also has a performance or stage-act which is difficult rivaled any other singer of his time. Even at that stage he was dubbed the Lion of Asia by Asia Week magazine (1975). Emil is a golden period in the mid-1970s. Emil songs are among other successful "November Wind", "Flamboyant", "Let Alone," "Roses," Jasmine "," Missing "," Orchid Flowers "," Curious "," Destruction "," Wilt Prior to Evolve "," Night Wind "," Could ", and many of the songs of other creations A. Riyanto. until now has produced dozens of albums including the album Ocean Shalawat Islami (2000).

Not only singing, Emil also tried acting. Has starred in dozens of films, among others Wailing Children Stepfather, Mother of Tears Drops, and Dusk at Losari. Emil has also been crowned Queen of Photo Models by Indonesian Journalists Association in 1972 (and indeed that's only once the appointment of Queen Photo Model).


* Metropolitan bandit-bandit (1971)
* Arid Land (1971)
* In His Light (1972)
* Rainbow in the Sky Singosari (1972)
* Marriage (1972)
* It will not I let go (1972)
* DISA in the Sin (1973)
* End of a Dream (1973)
* People (1973)
* Women (1973)
* I Want to Live (1974)
* Candidates for Bachelor (1974)
* Select-law (1974)
* Wailing Children Stepfather (1974)
* Cries Stepmom (1974)
* Drops of Tears Mother (1974)
* Benjamin King Lenong (1975)
* Dusk at Losari (1975)
* Memble But anxiety (1986)


* Orphans.
* Already tried.
* Bird Cage
* Say
* To Do
* The Cold Night
* Mr. pitter Ketipung
* Dream Sadness
* Sio Mama
* Hitam Manis
* Curious
* Bimbi
* Failure to Love

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