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Date of birth : 1980-02-02
Date of death : -
Birthplace : Birmingham, Alabama
Nationality : American
Category : Arts and Entertainment
Last modified : 2012-07-14
Credited as : rapper, hip hop musician, Brick Squad Records

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Radric Davis , better known for his stage name as Gucci Mane is a rapper and CEO of 1017 Brick Squad Records.

In 2005 he released his independent debut album, Trap House, which featured the successful single “Icy” that he recorded with Young Jeezy. He has since released a further three albums including 2006’s Hard To Kill, 2007’s Trap-A-Thon and 2007’s Back To The Trap House. His sixth studio album, The State vs Radric Davis, was released in December 2009, just weeks after he was sent back to prison for 12 months for violating his probation. He was released in May 2010 and will now release his seventh studio album, The Appeal: Georgia’s Most Wanted, sometime at the end of 2010.

It’s said that art mirrors life. In hip-hop’s case, there’s always been a deliberate entanglement of perception and reality. Fans demand their MCs be real…but never too real. Successful hip-hop is about the hint of the danger, the tease of it, the mystique. Hip-hop is about balance.

Gucci Mane is an artist striving for that balance, volatility versus musicality. Controversy, including a feud with former collaborator Young Jeezy, has grabbed the headlines, with insufficient regard paid to his considerable mic skills, raw talent, and business acumen. Gucci is looking to wrest his name from public speculation and let his own words do the talking.

“I wish everybody well who’s making money in this rap game,” the Atlanta-raised rapper says, dismissing the controversy that followed him in the past. “My own rap game is going so good, I’ve got so many things on my plate at my label, that I don’t got time for other people’s business.

His most recent mixtape, I'm Up was released May 2012, spanning 12 tracks. The DJ Holiday/DJ J1/Trap-A-Holics-hosted tape finds Gucci flexing his patented fan-favorite tricks, but this time without all the winning pizzazz.

Despite the notable joints, I’m Up is flooded with featured guests, whom often outshine the rapper (“Don’t Make No Sense” next to Fabolous and 8Ball; “Scarface” alongside Scarface). Though they don’t necessarily hurt the project— adding a mélange of different styles and various temperaments—the supporting cast makes the tape seem more like a compilation project than a solo. Filled with cliché concepts about Gucci’s affinity for flipping birds and having them thangs for the low—can’t forget racking in stupid money—I’m Up doesn’t offer anything new or refreshing to the table—though that’s probably not what his fans are looking for.

Studio albums include:

2007: Back to the Trap House
2009: The State vs. Radric Davis
2010: The Appeal: Georgia's Most Wanted


2006: Chicken Talk
2007: Bird Flu (Southern Slang)
2007: Ice Attack
2007: Ice Attack: Part 2
2007: No Pad, No Pencil
2008: EA Sportscenter
2008: Gucci Sosa
2008: Mr. Perfect
2008: The Movie
2009: Bird Flu: Part 2
2009: The Movie: Part 2 (The Sequel)
2009: Guccitendo
2009: Writing's On the Wall
2009: The Burrrprint: 3D (The Movie: Part 3)
2009: The Cold War: Part 1 (Guccimerica)
2009: The Cold War: Part 2 (Great Brrritain)
2009: The Cold War: Part 3 (Brrrussia)
2010: Mr. Zone 6
2010: Jewelry Selection
2010: Gucci Classics
2010: Ferrari Music
2010: Buy My Album
2010: Burrrprint (2) HD
2011: Gucci 2 Time
2011: Writing's On the Wall 2
2012: Trap Back
2012: I'm Up

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