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Date of birth : 1980-07-25
Date of death : -
Birthplace : Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK
Nationality : British-Indian
Category : Arts and Entertainment
Last modified : 2010-10-28
Credited as : Record producer and musician, British bhangra and Hip-hop singer, debut album The Debut

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Inderpal Singh Sagu better known by his stage name Indy Sagu, is a British Sikh award winning record producer, musician, singer, and DJ. Sagu has made a global name for himself as a leading Asian pioneer of fusion genre, his urbanized record production infuses the sounds and incorporates the elements, musical instruments, and hook lines of traditional bhangra with urban western sounds, primarily with a special emphasis on American hip hop

Indy's musical talents were inherited from his family's musical background. From an early age Indy's father taught him how to play various Indian instruments such as the dholki, tumbi, and tabla and Indy then self taught himself to play the keyboards, guitar, and drums.

Having purchased his first set of turntables at age 16 he quickly took over the underground scene and became known throughout the UK as the Dj and artist who infused traditional Bhangra into an urbanized street sound that was simply fun and unique. In 2001, Indy's breakthrough album The Debut launched his career in spectacular form by topping the Asian music billboards. He then went on to receiving the UK BBC Best Newcomer Award presented by Tim Westwood at the UK Asian Music Awards and became an instant global success.

In 2004, he released his second groundbreaking album entitled Indy'structable which fulfilled the sudden demand surging from Britain for a genre combination of Punjabi and Hip-Hop sounds. In 2008, Indy established himself as an entrepreneur by forming his own independent record label and launched his third album Reincarnated which served to reaffirm his artistic production skills. This album as the name suggests was the re-birth of Indy both personally and as an artist in many ways.

Indy has been entertaining and performing in front of energized crowds globally and has collaborated with Indian Artists Surinder Shinda, Kuldeep Manak, Bally Sagoo and performed alongside So Solid Crew, Jay Sean and legendary Hip-Hop artists Public Enemy, Pras from the Fugees, Craig David, and Sean Paul. His international fan-base serves to demonstrate that his music has no boundaries as it attracts diverse crowds of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds.

There after Indy Sagu was involved in several solo projects on compilations before he released his solo debut album in 2001/2002, with his album entitled 'THE DEBUT'. having already featured on previous albums such as metz and trix's debut album danger, urban flavas, danger 2, Indy Sagu went on to win 'BBC RADIO 1 BEST NEWCOMER 2003' for his album at the uk ASIAN MUSIC AWARDS.

In 2004 Indysagu released his second album entitled 'INDYSTRUCTABLE', which again proved to be a big hit. Having now toured in many countires, such as the usa, canda, dubai, australia and europe, Indy is very much focusing on future projects, collabarations and shows.

Having now become a household name, Indy Sagu's third release entitled 'REINCARNATED' is set to be out in September of 2008, and proves to be an anticipated release worldwide.

In pursuit of founding new ventures Indy is establishing himself as a leading business mogul. Indy is notoriously known to leave an everlasting impression as an innovative and multi-talented artist who has a stylish reputation of making bold eccentric fashion statements. He leaves his trademark of individuality with his energetic and charismatic personality all which transcends this artist into a sound that is quite inexplicable and synonymous with his name.

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