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Kelis (singer) biography

Date of birth : 1979-08-21
Date of death : -
Birthplace : New York City, U.S.
Nationality : American
Category : Arts and Entertainment
Last modified : 2023-08-21
Credited as : RnBsinger, hip-hop singer, Flesh Tone 2010, style, career and albums

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Introducing Kelis: A Sonic Journey with a Dash of Uniqueness

Kelis Rogers-Jones, affectionately recognized by her mononymous stage name Kelis (pronounced Kuh-lees), is more than just an RnB sensation – she's a tapestry woven with influences from her heritage and a powerhouse of musical talent. With a name that draws from her parents' own names, the fusion of her black father Kenneth and Chinese-Puerto Rican mother Eveliss, Kelis stands as a symbol of diversity and creativity in the music industry.

Hailing from a vibrant Middle Class Harlem upbringing, Kelis' childhood was anything but ordinary. Her parents may have struggled with her spirited demeanor – she even dared to shave her head at 13 and subsequently dyed the regrown hair in a spectrum of colors – but her individuality was evident from the start. This led her to take a step into independence, moving away from her family home while pursuing her education.

Emerging as a model, the statuesque 5'10" Kelis embarked on a musical journey that would leave an indelible mark on the industry. Collaborating with Neptunes-produced rappers, including the late Ol' Dirty Bastard on the hit "Got Your Money," she set the stage for her own rise to stardom. In 1999, she made her debut with the album "Kaleidoscope," a mesmerizing compilation of tracks that showcased her vocal prowess and distinctive style.

At the heart of "Kaleidoscope" was the fierce anthem "Caught Out There," inspired by a personal moment of betrayal. In the music video, Kelis led a march of empowered women, passionately belting out the infamous line "I hate you so much right now!" This debut album saw the light across the United States, Europe, and Asia, yet its reception varied across these regions. Although it didn't resonate as strongly in her homeland, Kelis was gradually laying the foundation for her unique artistic path.

In a tale of resilience, Kelis found her musical haven across the Atlantic. Europe, captivated by her distinctive sound, embraced her with open arms. Her second album, aptly titled "Wanderland," was exclusively released in Europe in 2001. Produced entirely by The Neptunes – the dynamic duo of Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo – the album was a testament to their collaborative magic. "Wanderland" may not have boasted massive sales, but it carried an essence that resonated deeply with her fans.

Amidst the tracks of "Wanderland," "Young Fresh N New" stood out as the anthem of her second chapter. Kelis' journey was far from conventional, and this album showcased her evolution as an artist unafraid to traverse uncharted territories. Her unique blend of genres and willingness to explore new realms set her apart, solidifying her status as a trailblazer in the ever-evolving world of music.

Kelis' story is one of unapologetic individuality, fusion of cultures, and an unwavering dedication to her craft. With an international reach that encompasses awards, accolades, and a legion of devoted fans, her legacy continues to resonate. Kelis isn't just a singer; she's a phenomenon, and her journey is a testament to the magic that transpires when talent, diversity, and authenticity intersect on the grand stage of entertainment.

Albums released by singer Kelis:

Kaleidoscope (1999)
Wanderland (2001)
Tasty (2003)
Kelis Was Here (2006)
Flesh Tone (2010)

"Distance" 2012 Single:

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