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Date of birth : 1943-02-09
Date of death : -
Birthplace : Kediri, East Java
Nationality : Indonesian
Category : Arts and Entertainment
Last modified : 2011-01-07
Credited as : Singer, ,

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Born in Kediri, East Java on February 9, 1943, young Koes Hendratmo celebarated his passion for singing with a local band named 'Riang Ria' in Yogyakarta, Central Java at the tender age of 15. He contended with bands all over Java Island and entered numerous competitions chorusing hits of international music legends namely Elvis Presley, Louis Armstrong, Andy Williams, Matt Monroe and Indonesian pop icons Rahmat Kartolo and Onny Suryono.

In 1964, teenage Koes braved the journey by rail from Yogyakarta to Jakarta when he discovered his talent for singing was up for more excitement and challenges. Koes later joined Jakarta band 'Dharma Putra Kostrad' in 1967 and became the lead vocalist. In the same year Koes released his first record entitled 'Lambaian Bunga' under the label Elshinta Records. In 1968 his second record released by Ramayana Records was entitled 'Wanita Wanita Wanita - Koes Hendratmo Pop Indonesia Vol.1'.

Over four decades this stylish well-renowned singer has experienced the rise and fall of stardom. Since Koes kick started his debut with his vocal talent, he was eventually offered countless gigs and movie roles. Koes simultaneously paved his career path by singing and acting when he took up his first film role as a Singer in a movie entiltled "The Big Village" in 1969. In the late 1970s, together with his mentor and close friend Kris Biantoro, Koes starred in yet another movie entiltled "Magelang Kembali" as a soldier. The movie portrayed the struggle to retain Magelang from the Dutch Colonizers.

The career path seems fruitful for Koes throughout the years following his movie roles, nevertheless singing was his passion. Koes was also gifted to impersonate many voices of famous singers including Engelbert Humeperdink, Tom Jones, Andy Williams, Johnny Mathis, Louis Armstrong, Elvis Presley and Mario Lanza. Between 1970 - 1980, Koes felt that his singing career had taken flight to a whole new level. Koes journeyed throughout the Indonesian archipelago, performing in countless events. From then on, many have booked him for overseas performances all over Asia, The Middle East and Europe.

Koes Hendratmo since then has ruled the music industry as well as set a deep footprint in the world of Master of Ceremonies. He would conduct and host functions throughout the archipelago may it be for wedding receptions, product launches, birthday celebrations and musical TV shows. Until in 1986 Koes was summoned by senior Indonesian "Queen" of Quizes, Ani Sumadi to take part as host of one her newly created quiz shows called BERPACU DALAM MELODI. The show was a phenomenon and at the same time propelled Koes Hendratmo's name as one of Indonesia's most popular and highly paid MC. The quiz show which showcased various trivia questions from music notes to song synopsis, tests the intelligence of participants on their knowledge of music. Participants ranged from public figures, artists to professionals.

BERPACU DALAM MELODI eventually became a household show and lasted 18 years when aired on state-owned TVRI. The journey of Koes Hendratmo continues on during the years as he signs contracts as advertisements icon for toothpaste Ciptadent and energy drink Hemaviton. In his leisure time, Koes keeps up his stamina by playing tennis and golf. Later in 2000, Koes signed a new deal with one of Indonesia's Top Rated Private TV Stations, INDOSIAR where he became host of one of the most popular variety shows, PESTA (Pentas Sejuta Aksi). The program aired for almost 2 years.

In 2002, METRO TV, Indonesia's News Channel bought the rights to air 'BERPACU DALAM MELODI' and 'PELANGI KATULISTIWA'. The latter was a talk show and entertainment program featuring public figures from all over the country including Regents and Mayors discussing the developments of their respective regencies and towns, in en effort to bolster stronger ties amongst vicinities.

Koes Hendratmo is also a father of three children, Hendra Perdana or popularly known as Anda, Bonita and Candisa - the first two followed Koes' footsteps as singers. Now, Koes enjoys his life with his spouse who shares the same passion in MC, Aprilia Soebroto, former TVRI reporter/news anchor and CNA Singapore's Talk Show Host.

The couple shortly started a new business in Event Organizing called KHAS (Koes Hendartmo-Aprilia Soebroto) Productions, catering for functions and receptions such as Weddings and Birthday Parties, Product launches and others. Two years later they materialized their passion as Singing and MC instructors through an entity called "Koes Hendratmo Singing Clinic & MC" where both of them teach professionals and hobbyists to perfect their singing talent and MC skills.

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