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Date of birth : 1965-06-07
Date of death : -
Birthplace : Bloomington, Indiana
Nationality : American
Category : Sports
Last modified : 2011-04-15
Credited as : Professional Wrestler WWE, ECW Champion, TNA Wrestling

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Michael Francis "Mick" Foley, Sr. is an American professional wrestler, author, comedian, actor, voice actor and former color commentator. He has worked for many wrestling promotions, including World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE, formerly WWF), World Championship Wrestling (WCW), National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) and currently Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA). He is often referred to as "The Hardcore Legend", a nickname he shares with Terry Funk.

Career Highlights:

12/13 SuperClash III - Chavo Guerrero, Mando Guerrero, and Hector Guerrero beat Cactus Jack and The Rock 'n' Roll RPMs

2/6 Clash of Champions 10 - lost to Mil Mascaras
2/25 Wrestle War - lost to Norman the Lunatic

10/27 Halloween Havoc - Chamber of Horrors: El Gigante, Sting & The Steiners beat Big Van Vader, Cactus Jack, Diamond Studd, & Abdullah the Butcher
11/19 COC 17 - beat Van Hammer
12/29 Starrcade - Ricky Steamboat & Todd Champion beat Cactus Jack & Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker

1/21 COC 18 - beat Van Hammer in a Falls Count Anywhere Match
2/29 Superbrawl - lost to Ron Simmons
6/20 Beach Blast - lost a Falls Count Anywhere Match to WCW Champion Sting
9/2 COC 20 - lost to WCW Champion Ron Simmons
11/18 COC 21 - Handicap Match: Ron Simmons & Too Cold Scorpio beat Tony Atlas, The Barbarian & Cactus Jack
12/28 Starrcade - w/Johnny B Badd lost to Van Hammer & Dan Spivey

1/13 COC 22 - beat Johnny B. Badd
2/21 Superbrawl - beat Paul Orndorff in a Falls Count Anywhere Match
8/18 COC 24 - lost to WCW Champ Big Van Vader
9/19 Fall Brawl - beat Yoshi Kwan
10/24 Halloween Havoc - lost to WCW Champion Big Van Vader in a Texas Death Match
11/20 Battlebowl - w/Big Van Vader beat Charlie Norris & Kane
12/27 Starrcade - w/Maxx Payne beat Tex Slazenger & Shanghai Pierce

1/27 COC 26 - w/Maxx Payne beat The Nasty Boys
2/20 Superbrawl - w/Maxx Payne beat WCW Tag Team Champs The Nasty Boys by DQ
4/17 Spring Stampede - w/Maxx Payne lost a Chicago Street Fight to WCW Tag Team Champs The Nasty Boys
5/22 Slamboree - w/ Kevin Sullivan won the WCW Tag Team Championship from The Nasty Boys in a Broadstreet Bully Match
6/24 COC 27 - w/Kevin Sullivan beat The Nasty Boys
7/17 Bash at the Beach - w/Kevin Sullivan lost the tag team titles to Paul Roma & Paul Orndorff
8/26 - w/Mikey Whipwreck won the ECW Tag Team Titles from Public Enemy
9/19 Fall Brawl - Lost a loser leaves WCW match to Kevin Sullivan
11/4 - w/Mikey Whipwreck lost the ECW Tag Team Titles to Public Enemy

12/28 - Mikey Whipwreck beat ECW Tag Team Champion Too Cold Scorpio & named Cactus Jack as his partner

2/2 - w/Mikey Whipwreck lost the ECW Tag Team Titles to The Eliminators
6/23 King of The Ring - beat The Undertaker
7/21 In Your House: International Incident - beat Henry Godwinn
9/18 SummerSlam - beat The Undertaker in a Boiler Room Brawl
9/22 IYH: Mind Games - lost to WWF Champion Shawn Michaels by DQ
10/20 IYH: Buried Alive - lost a Buried Alive Match to The Undertaker
11/17 Survivor Series - Undertaker beat Mankind in a match featuring Paul Bearer hanging above the ring in a small cage

3/23 WrestleMania 13 - Tag Team Champions Owen Hart & The British Bulldog fought Mankind & Vader to a double-count out
4/20 IYH: Revenge of the Taker - lost to WWF Champion The Undertaker
5/11 IYH: A Cold Day in Hell - beat Rocky Maivia
6/8 King of The Ring - beat Jerry Lawler in the semi-finals
6/8 King of The Ring - lost to Hunter Hearst Helmsley in the finals
7/9 IYH: Canadian Stampede - fought Triple H to a double-DQ
7/14 RAW - Dude Love & Steve Austin beat Owen Hart & Davey Boy Smith to win the World Tag Team Championship
8/3 SummerSlam - beat Hunter Hearst Helmsley in a Cage Match
9/7 - Steve Austin suffered a neck injury at SummerSlam that forced the team to forfeit the titles
11/9 Survivor Series - lost to Kane

2/15 No Way Out of Texas - Steve Austin, Mankind, Owen Hart & Chainsaw Charlie beat Triple H Billy Gunn, Jesse James, & Savio Vega
3/29 WrestleMania XIV - Dumpster Match for Tag Team Title: Cactus Jack & Terry Funk beat champs Billy Gunn & Jesse James
3/30 RAW - Funk & Cactus Jack were forced to give the titles back because they used the wrong dumpster the night before
4/26 Unforgiven - Dude Love beat WWF Champ Steve Austin by DQ
5/31 Over The Edge - WWF Champ Steve Austin beat Dude Love in a match where the stipulations kept changing because Mr. McMahon was special referee
6/28 King of The Ring - lost to The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell Match
7/13 RAW - w/Kane won the tag team championship from the New Age Outlaws
7/26 Fully Loaded - w/Kane lost the titles to Steve Austin & The Undertaker
8/10 RAW - w/Kane won the tag team championship from Steve Austin & The Undertaker
8/30 SummerSlam - without Kane (who didn't show up for the match) lost the tag team titles to The New Age Outlaws in a No Holds Barred/Falls Count Anywhere Match
9/27 Break Down - Triple Threat Steel Cage Match: The Rock beat Mankind & Ken Shamrock
10/18 Judgment Day - lost to Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock
11/2 RAW - proclaimed the first Hardcore Champion by Vince McMahon
11/15 Survivor Series - First Round of the Tournament for the Vacant WWF Championship: beat Duane Gill
11/15 Survivor Series - Quarterfinals: beat Al Snow
11/15 Survivor Series - Semi-finals: beat Steve Austin
11/15 Survivor Series - Final: lost to The Rock
11/30 RAW - ost the Hardcore Title to The Big Boss Man
12/13 Rock Bottom - beat WWF Champion the Rock by knocking him out with the Mandible Claw. Since Rock didn't submit Mankind didn't get the title.

1/4 RAW - beat Rock to win the WWF Championship
1/24 Royal Rumble - lost the WWF Championship to The Rock in an I Quit Match
1/31 Halftime Heat - beat the Rock in an Empty Arena Match to win the WWF Championship
2/14 St. Valentine's Day Massacre - Fought to a no-contest against the Rock in a Last Man Standing Match
2/15 RAW - lost the WWF Championship to The Rock in a Ladder Match
3/28 WrestleMania XV - beat Big Show by DQ
4/25 Backlash - beat Big Show in a Boiler Room Brawl
5/23 Over the Edge - The Union (Mankind, The Big Show, Test and Ken Shamrock) beat the Corporate Ministry (Viscera, Big Bossman, Faarooq, & Bradshaw) in an Elimination Match
8/22 SummerSlam - Triple Threat WWF Title match: Mankind won the title by beating Champ Steve Austin & Triple H. The current state governor, Jesse "The Body" Ventura was special guest referee.
8/23 RAW - lost the WWF Championship to Triple H
8/30 RAW - w/The Rock won the tag team championship from The Undertaker & Big Show
9/9 SmackDown - w/The Rock lost the tag team championship to The Undertaker & Big Show
9/20 RAW - w/The Rock won the tag team championship from The Undertaker & Big Show
9/26 Unforgiven - Six-pack challenge for vacant WWF Title: Triple H won the title by beating The Rock, Davey Boy Smith, Kane, Mankind, & The Big Show
9/27 RAW - w/The Rock lost the tag team championship to The New Age Outlaws
10/17 No Mercy - lost to Val Venis
11/4 SmackDown - w/Al Snow won the tag team championship from The New Age Outlaws
11/8 RAW - w/Al Snow lost the tag team championship to The New Age Outlaws
11/14 Survivor Series - w/Al Snow lost to tag team champions The New Age Outlaws
12/12 Armageddon - w/The Rock beat Champions The New Age Outlaws by DQ

1/23 Royal Rumble -lost a Street Fight to WWF Champion Triple H
2/27 No Way Out - lost a Hell in a Cell Match to WWF Champion Triple H and as a result was forced to retire
4/2 WrestleMania 2000 - Fatal Fourway for WWF Title: Champion Triple H beat The Rock, Mick Foley & The Big Show

3/14 WrestleMania XX - Handicap Match: Ric Flair, Randy Orton & Batista beat The Rock & Mick Foley
4/18 Backlash - lost a Falls Count Anywhere Match to Intercontinental Champion Randy Orton

11/1 Taboo Tuesday - beat Carlito

4/2 WrestleMania 22 - lost a Hardcore Match to Edge
6/11 ECW One Night Stand - Lita, Edge, & Mick Foley beat Terry Funk, Tommy Dreamer, & Beulah
6/25 Vengeance - Ric Flair beat Mick Foley 2-0 in a Best-of-3 Falls Match
8/20 SummerSlam - lost an I Quit Match to Ric Flair

6/24 Vengeance - WWE Championship Challenge: Champion John Cena beat Mick Foley, King Booker, Randy Orton, and Lashley

1/11 Genesis - Hardcore Rules: Mick Foley, AJ Styles, & Brother D-Von beat Scott Steiner, Booker T, and Cute Kip
4/19 Lockdown - beat Sting in a Cage match to win the TNA World Championship
5/24 Sacrifice - Ultimate Sacrifice: Sting beat TNA Champion Mick Foley, Jeff Jarrett, and Kurt Angle. As a result, Sting is the new leader of the Main Event Mafia.
6/21 Slammiversary – Kurt Angle beat TNA Champion Mick Foley, AJ Styles, Jeff Jarrett, and Samoa Joe in a King of the Mountain Match to win the title
7/19 Victory Road - lost to TNA Champion Kurt Angle
7/30 iMPACT - w/Bobby Lashley beat Legends Champion Kevin Nash & World Champion Kurt Angle. As a result of Foley pinning Nash, he won the Legends Championship
8/16 Hard Justice - lost the Legends Championship to Kevin Nash
10/18 Bound for Glory - lost to Abyss in a Monster's Ball Match
12/20 Final Resolution - Foley's Fun House: Abyss & Mick Foley beat Raven & Dr. Stevie

2/14 Against All Odds - lost to Abyss in a No DQ Match in round 1 of the 8 Card Stud Tournament

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