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Date of birth : 1984-01-18
Date of death : -
Birthplace : London, UK
Nationality : British
Category : Arts and Entertainment
Last modified : 2010-10-29
Credited as : Rapper and pop singer, debut single One More Dance, Fly with Me 2010

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Muhammad Mumith Ahmed, better known by his stage name Mumzy Stranger, is a Bangladeshi British rapper/singer/songwriter, dancer and producer. His debut single is One More Dance which was produced by Rishi Rich. His second single is Showgirl with his following single from his debut album, Fly With Me will be released in 2010. He performed Fly With Me at the UK AMA's in 2009.

Mumzy Stranger is the latest pop sensation to hit the music circuit. With his debut single One More Dance, releasing on July 20th, he springs onto the scene with an exciting new sound and distinctive urban style.

The combination of his smooth, soulful vocal style, catchy pop rhythms and clean-cut, urban look has already got industry insiders touting Mumzy to be one of the year's hottest new artistes. Topped with his trademark hat and armed with boyish good looks, the 25-year-old is the first person of Bengali descent to create such excitement.

Signed to Tiffinbeats Records, One More Dance is produced by Rishi Rich, who has also worked with the likes of Madonna, Britney Spears and Craig David.

Born and raised in East London, as a teenager, Mumzy immersed himself into the urban garage scene that gave rise to groundbreaking musicians like Dizzee Rascal. With no support from his traditional Asian family, it was his mother who encouraged his art and helped him put together a studio in his bedroom, which was kept secret from the rest of the family.

Not only did Mumzy have to fight his family, but as one of only a few Asian MC's, he also faced obstacles from his peers. But through sheer determination and belief in his work, he pushed through against all odds.

The turning point in his career came in 2005 when he met gifted producer Rishi Rich, who immediately recognized Mumzy's raw talent and took him on. Tragically, it was around this time that Mumzy's mother passed away, but knowing how much his music meant to her gave him the strength to pursue his dreams.

Today Tiffinbeats Records and Rishi Rich Productions are giving Mumzy Stranger the opportunity to project his skills to a much wider audience. Mumzy has already toured the world with Tiffinbeats, performing for sell out audiences in Dubai, Canada, Malaysia and India, which has earned him a strong underground fan-base.

Despite the travel and growing success, Mumzy still retains his East London roots and continues to live in Plaistow where he grew up. His support of the community includes being an Ambassador for Newham Council's anti-violence campaign to prevent gun and knife crime that has been rife amongst youngsters.

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