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Nani Widjaja biography

Date of birth : 1944-11-10
Date of death : -
Birthplace : Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia
Nationality : Indonesian
Category : Arts and Entertainment
Last modified : 2011-01-05
Credited as : Actress, ,

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Nani Widjaja was born in Cirebon, West Java, November 10, 1944. He is known as one of the senior actress who has starred in several soap operas and movies.

Characters play a role in his famous role as Mother in the situation comedy series, Bajaj Bajuri. Mother's scheming character and winning himself, managed to bring emotion every audience who witnessed it. Cuteness plus a few characters in the sitcom.

The role also in the latest popular TV series, INTAN. Where's Grandma Nani playing characters who have a love sincere Iintan. Character is honesty and sincerity to deliver Intan, grandchildren whom he loved got lucky luck.

While a wide screen star nanai had starred in the film HIGH BLOOD (1958), RA Kartini (1984), SI BOY NOTES 1 AND 4 (1987 AND 1990), OPERA JAKARTA (1986), WHO (1983), SI Jampang FIND THE BLACK DRAGON ( 1969), OPERATION X (1968), WHICH ARE YOUNG LOVE (1978) and Thieves LOVE (1984).

Nani is the wife of actor and director Misbach Yusa Biran, and mother of the deceased Sukma Ayu.

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