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Date of birth : -
Date of death : -
Birthplace : Prague, Czech Republic
Nationality : Czech
Category : Arts and Entertainment
Last modified : 2011-06-01
Credited as : Alternative Indie music band, Flying Falling Diving, Europe tour

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Founded back in 2003 in Baku Azerbaijan, Orient Xpress is a vibrant music experience, rocking the audiences for already over 8 years.

Orient Xpress is a truly international band with members originating from Azerbaijan, Ireland and Belarus. It has developed a unique music style with a recognisable sound, combining the heavy guitars, throbbing atmospheric keyboards, deep bass and rich melodic vocals. These are tunes that you start humming to after the very first time you hear them.

Using colours from different music genres as the tool of experimental expression, Orient Xpress has a play list of over sixty originals, featuring also award winning singles, film soundtracks and two albums.

Orient Xpress began their concert activities performing covers and some newly written originals in Baku's bars, pubs, clubs and festivals. The first gig as a rock band was in front of a large audience at Baku Rock Festival in January 2004, and gained a huge success. The band was getting a following, and their regular performances at the local clubs were getting more and more attention. At this time the songs; 'Flying High', 'Ancient Hero', 'Falling' and 'Diving' were composed, recorded and performed for the first time. Which later became songs of the first album “Flying Falling Diving”.

The band now has a lot of concert experience from the clubs, venues and festivals in Azerbaijan, Russia, Georgia, USA, Turkey, Moldova, Czech Republic, Fiji and many more.

With its stunning stage energy and atmosphere, Orient Xpress has become a recognised and memorable band that is known to give its full power and passion to the music, whether it is performed for a random small club jam session or for a crowd of thousands at a major music festival.

A new life and a new era started for Orient Xpress when a decision was made to turn to Europe full time for expansion. With all eyes set on a new album, Orient Xpress set to work in writing the new album, entitled Escape.


1994: Kara Tren
1994: Alora
2008: Orient Express

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