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Date of birth : 1920-03-03
Date of death : 2011-12-30
Birthplace : Cambridge, England
Nationality : British
Category : Famous Figures
Last modified : 2012-01-03
Credited as : artist, cartoonist, St Trinian's

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Ronald William Fordham Searle, native from Cambridge, England was a well known artist and cartoonist, famou as the creator of St Trinian's School. He was also the co-author (with Geoffrey Willans) of the Molesworth series.

Ronald started drawing at the age of five and left school at the age of 15. In April 1939, realizing that war was inevitable, he abandoned his art studies to enlist in the Royal Engineers. He trained at Cambridge College of Arts and Technology, currently Anglia Ruskin University, for two years, and in 1941, published the first St Trinian's cartoon in the magazine Lilliput.

St Trinian's:
Hurrah For St Trinians, 1948
The Female Approach: The Belles of St. Trinian's and Other Cartoons, 1950
Back To The Slaughterhouse, and Other Ugly Moments, 1951
The Terror of St Trinian's, or Angela's Prince Charming, 1952 (with Timothy Shy (D. B. Wyndham-Lewis))
Souls in Torment, 1953 (preface by Cecil Day-Lewis)
The St Trinian's Story, 1959 (with Kaye Webb)
St Trinian's: The Cartoons, 2007
St. Trinian's: The Entire Appalling Business, 2008

Notable works:
White Coolie, 1947 (with Ronald Hastain)
This England 1946-1949, 1949 (edited by Audrey Hilton)
The Stolen Journey, 1950 (with Oliver Philpot)
An Irishman's Diary, 1950 (with Patrick Campbell)
Dear Life, 1950 (with H. E. Bates)
Paris Sketchbook, 1950 (with Kaye Webb)
A Sleep of Prisoners, 1951 (with Christopher Fry)
Life in Thin Slices, 1951 (with Patrick Campbell)
It Must be True, 1952 (with Denys Parsons)
London—So Help Me!, 1952 (with Winifred Ellis)
The Diverting History of John Gilpin, 1953 (with William Cowper)
Looking at London and People Worth Meeting, 1953 (with Kaye Webb)
The Dark is Light Enough, 1954 (with Christopher Fry)
Patrick Campbells Omnibus, 1954 (with Patrick Campbell)
The Journal Of Edwin Carp, 1954 (edited by Richard Haydn)
Modern Types, 1955 (with Geoffrey Gorer)
The Rake's Progress, 1955
Merry England, Etc, 1956
Anglo-Saxon Attitudes, 1956 (with Angus Wilson)
The Big City or the New Mayhew , 1958 (with Alex Atkinson)
The Dog's Ear Book, 1958 (with Geoffrey Willans)
USA for Beginners, 1959 (with Alex Atkinson)
Anger of Achilles: Homer's Iliad, 1959 (translation by Robert Graves)
By Rocking Horse Across Russia, 1960 (with Alex Atkinson)
Penguin Ronald Searle, 1960
Refugees 1960, 1960 (with Kaye Webb)
Which Way Did He Go?, 1961
A Christmas Carol, 1961 (with Charles Dickens)
The 13 Clocks and the Wonderful O, 1962 (with James Thurber)
Searle In The Sixties, 1964
From Frozen North to Filthy Lucre, 1964
Haven't We Met Before Somewhere?, 1966
Searle's Cats, 1967
The Square Egg, 1968
Take One Toad, 1968
This Business of Bomfog, 1969 (with Madelaine Duke)
Monte Carlo Or Bust, 1969 (with E. W. Hildick)
Hello, where did all the people go?, 1969
The Second Coming of Toulouse-Lautrec, 1969
Secret Sketchbook, 1969
The Great Fur Opera: Annals of the Hudson's Bay Company 1670-1970, 1970 (with Kildare Dobbs)[7]
Scrooge, 1970 (with Elaine Donaldson)
Mr. Lock of St. James's Street, 1971 (with Frank Whitbourn)
The Addict, 1971
More Cats, 1975
Dick Dead Eye, 1975 (with Gilbert and Sullivan)
Paris! Paris!, 1977 (with Irwin Shaw)
Zodiac, 1977
Ronald Searle, 1978
The King of Beasts & Other Creatures, 1980
The Situation is Hopeless, 1980
Winning the Restaurant Game, 1980 (with Jay Jacobs)
Too Many Songs by Tom Lehrer With Not Enough Drawings by Ronald Searle, 1981
Ronald Searle's Big Fat Cat Book, 1982
The Illustrated Winespeak, 1983
Ronald Searle in Perspective, 1983
Ronald Searle's Golden Oldies 1941 - 1961, 1985
Something in the Cellar, 1986
To the Kwai and Back: War Drawings 1939-1945, 1986
Ronald Searle's Non-Sexist Dictionary, 1988
Ah Yes, I Remember It Well...: Paris 1961-1975, 1988
Slightly Foxed But Still Desirable: Ronald Searle's Wicked World of Book Collecting, 1989
Marquis De Sade Meets Goody Two-Shoes, 1994
The Tales of Grandpa Cat, 1994 (with Lee Wardlaw)
The Hatless Man, 1995 (with Sarah Kortum)
A French Affair : The Paris Beat, 1965-1998, 1999 (with Mary Blume)
Wicked Etiquette, 2000 (with Sarah Kortum)
Ronald Searle in Le Monde, 2001
Railway of Hell: A Japanese POW's Account of War, Capture and Forced Labour, 2002 (with Reginald Burton)
Searle's Cats, 2005 (New and Expanded Edition, all illustrations are new)
The Scrapbook Drawings", 2005
Cat O' Nine Tales: And Other Stories, 2006 (with Jeffrey Archer)
Beastly Feasts: A Mischievous Menagerie in Rhyme, 2007 (with Robert Forbes)
More Scraps & Watteau Revisited, 2008
Let's Have a Bite!: A Banquet of Beastly Rhymes, 2010 (with Robert Forbes)
What! Already?: Searle at 90, 2010
Les Très Riches Heures de Mrs Mole, 2011

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