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Date of birth : 1990-02-03
Date of death : -
Birthplace : Kingston, Jamaica
Nationality : Jamaican-American
Category : Arts and Entertainment
Last modified : 2011-05-30
Credited as : Hip hop and R&B singer, Beautiful Girls single, jet skiing accident in Miami

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Sean Kingston, born Kisean Anderson is a Jamaican-American singer. He pursued a music career and debuted in 2007 with the album Sean Kingston.

It becomes everyday buzz that new artists emerge on music industry but amid the heavy competition, Sean Kingston was making strides in the point of his career that hardly any freshman do. Perhaps what makes Sean a big buzz out there is not only his reggae root but also his choice on avoiding profanity for his lyrics. If many starters choose to steal the limelight by creating controversy, Sean prefers to go easy by talking about a broken relationship in "Beautiful Girls". Not being mistaken for its mildness, the first single from his debut album already gained acknowledge from both music lovers and fellow musicians. The song climbed steadily from #57 to #43 before peaking at #21 in Billboard Hot 100 chart, all without the help of a digitally released single. Radio DJ Steve Kraus gave high recommendation of the song as one of "sizzling singles burning up the summer airwaves" and even Outkast's Andre 3000 would really love to do a remix of the song. Apparently, Sean shows that simplicity works in this industry.

The talented rapper has all the music vibe in his blood. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, he inherited the endowment from his grandfather Jack Ruby who took profession as a music producer. He also became acquainted to his native music after Reggae legend Buju Banton befriended his family. All in all, Sean was in healthy dose of music stream that he started taking aspiration on the field. Realizing how tough the industry is, Sean tried every possible way to get in touch with music producers. He ambitiously mailed every music-related people on MySpace but none was willing to answer. The opportunity came when a message popped on his computer signed by J.R. Rotem. The producer was interested in Sean's different quality and asked him to come by. All fell into its place as coincidentally Sean was planning to migrate from his hometown to Miami, Florida himself. Upon meeting, more than impressed, Rotem believed that Sean has the quality to be a star. He said, “I worked with some of the best and I don’t see why Sean can’t grow to be one of them. His potential is limitless.” With the trust came a contract that made him the first artist under Epic Records' joint venture label Beluga Heights.

Time to get to the business, the record journey started when he heard a sample of Ben E. King's #1 hit "Stand by Me" that triggered his brains to do something to it. By then, Rotem who has been blessed with nailing scores talent, gave a it a go by adding beats to the song while Sean creatively spurted out the lyrics. And thus, a song that will catapult Sean to success was created. Together with other producers such as Kardinal Offishall and legendary Vybz Kartel, a number of other songs were streaming down the studio, ready to be pressed as a record. Finally, after setting off "Beautiful Girls" as a successful first single, Sean's self-titled debut is released on July 31, 2007.

"Beautiful Girls" was only one of the songs where Sean provided the lyrics. He was particularly 100 per cent there for lyric writing especially when he can reflect his life into the words. Having a rough childhood, Sean poured out his heart on the track "Dry Your Eyes" that tells how much he missed his mother and sister when they went to jail. "When my mother and sister went away, it took a lot out of me," Sean recalled the moment. "My sister went away for four months and my mom has been away for over a year. When she went away, I was like ‘nah man, this is too much.’ I was only 14. I missed her like crazy but I pulled through and used it as my motivation. “Dry Your Eyes” is a defining song on the album for me because it touches on something that’s very personal to me. The dope melody that’s on there makes me feel even closer to it.”

Album in the go, Sean refused to stop in track. He plans to be in the industry long enough to own a label and become very "business-y" about it. He was even considering to take a shift on acting that was also part of his childhood dream.

On May 29, 2011, Sean Kingston was involved in a jet skiing accident in Miami, Florida. Kingston and a female passenger were severely injured when their jet ski struck the bridge connecting Palm Island with the MacArthur Causeway at approximately 6 p.m. He is currently in critical condition.

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