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Date of birth : 1950-12-04
Date of death : 1991-10-22
Birthplace : Los Angeles, California
Nationality : American
Category : Arts and Entertainment
Last modified : 2011-05-26
Credited as : Grunge poet, and punk rocker,

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Steven Jay "Jesse" Bernstein was a Jewish American underground writer and performance artist who is most famous for his recordings with Sub Pop Records and close relationship with William S. Burroughs. Bernstein's substance abuse issues and mental illness contributed to his provocative local celebrity, though they ultimately culminated in his suicide.

Author of books:

Choking On Sixth (Outlaw Press #1 1979)
Exotic Disasters (Outlaw Press #2 1979)
A Well-Ordered Room (1980) - A one woman play written for Lori Larsen.
A Ghost Of His Former Self (Outlaw Press #3 1981)
The Wraith (1981)
Hermione (1982)
Feast (Spring 1983) - 9 page excerpt of "The Wraith"
Bumbershoot Anthology (1984) - "Choking on Sixth"
Swale (November 1984) - "The Housefire"
Swale (August 1985) - "Face"
Faux Pas (1987) - "A Cough In The Wrong Place"
Critics (1988) - Theatrical work written with Susy Schneider.
Moms (1990) - Theatrical work written with Susy Schneider.
Semiotext(e) USA edition (1987) - "Main Street USA"
Skyviews Vol. II No. 3 (1987) - "It Is Fake Statuary"
Skyviews Vol. II No. 7 (1987) - "Hendrix"
Skyviews Vol. II No. 9 (1987) - "What Is Poetry, Art Or Anarchy"
Skyviews Vol. II No. 10 (1987) - Letter to the editor concerning good and bad poetry.
Skyviews Vol. III No. 2 (1988) - Article concerning the influence of Wiliiam S. Burroughs.
Skyviews Vol. III No. 3 (1988) - "Notes On The Audience"
Pop-Tart, Magazine of Instant Art, Vol. 1 No. 7 (1988) - 1st Installment of unpublished novel "Personal Effects".
Pop-Tart, Magazine of Instant Art, Vol. 1 No. 8 (1988) - 2nd Installment of unpublished novel "Personal Effects".
Worcs (Aloud Allowed) #18 (October 1988) - "Taboo"
The Rocket (newspaper) (July 1988) - "Criminal Mind: Jesse Bernstein interviews William S. Burroughs"
The Rocket (newspaper) (October 1988) - "Aids And The Needle User"
Personal Effects (1989)
Zero Hour No. 2 - (Spring 1989) - "Scrap Junkie: Poem For Executive Toy"
The Rocket (newspaper) (August 1989) - "She Has Lots Of Tattoos: Steven J. Bernstein interviews Kathy Acker"
The Rocket (newspaper) (June 1990) - "A Conversation With TAD: Steven J. Bernstein interviews TAD"
Discrete Ephemera (1990) - "Face"
The Onion As It Is Cooked (October 1990) - "The Onion As It Is Cooked" (Poem printed on pasta)
Strip Poker (October 1991) - "Strip Poker" (Poem presented inside a wine bottle)
Noise (1991) - "More Noise, Please!"
Talking Raven, A Journal of Imaginative Trouble Vol. 3 No. 3 (1993) - "In This Place"
Bamboo (1994) - "Murdered In The Middle Of The Dance"
Good To Go (1994) - "Sissies Suck It Up (Bad Boys Gulp It Down)"
Rapture (1995) - "Car Accident"
I Am Secretly An Important Man (1996)
More Noise, Please! (1996)


Words and Music: Steven Jesse Bernstein and Pete Leinonen (cassette) (Original Cast 1984, 1993)
Sub Pop 200 - "Come Out Tonight" (Sub Pop 1988)
The Sad Bag (cassette) (Trigger Recordings 1990)
The Sport/No No Man (12") (Sub Pop 1992)
Prison (Sub Pop 1992)
National Public Radio and Interview Excerpts (cassette) (Sub Pop 1992)
Afternoon Delight! - "This Clouded Heart" (Sub Pop 1992)
Revolution Come And Gone - "No No Man Pt.2" (Sub Pop 1992)
Home Alive-The Art Of Self Defense - "It's Just A Little Bit Of Everything (That's Brought Me Down To This)" (Epic Records 1996)

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