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Date of birth : -
Date of death : -
Birthplace : Mumbai, Maharashtra
Nationality : India
Category : Arts and Entertainment
Last modified : 2010-11-01
Credited as : Bhangra singer and producer, singles: Gal Sun Ja, Tere Utteh Akh Ni

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Sukshinder Shinda, born Sukshinder Singh Bhullar is a bhangra record producer and singer–songwriter. Since releasing his first professional recording in 1989, Dhol Beat 1, Shinda has produced or collaborated on more than 200 albums, including all of Jazzy B's releases. In 2003, Shinda released his first solo album, Gal Sun Ja, which featured the singles Gal Sun Ja and Tere Utteh Akh Ni.

A gifted singer, composer and producer, Sukshinder Shinda has collected an impressive string of hits that are embedded in the hearts and minds of millions across the world. Shinda has been a force in the Asian music scene for over 15 years and along the way over 200 studio albums. Since his debut solo 'Gal Sun Ja' he has followed up the string of smash hits with 'Balle', 'Collaborations' and now 'Living The Dream'.

His extensive experience of music recording has already included working with artists like Kuldip Manak, AS Kang, Apna Sangeet, Panjabi MC, Sardool Sikander, Heera, Meshi Eshara, Manjit Pappu, Jaspinder Narula, Harbhajan Mann and Gurdas Mann. Subsequently, in 1986 Sukshinder Shinda helped launch Jazzy B's career by producing and composing his first album - a partnership that still flourishes two decades later.

From his first solo instrumental tape in 1989, Dhol Beat 1, he has set the trends that a generation follow. The album was probably the first ever totally instrumental album featuring the five most authentic Punjabi instruments. No synthesizers, no bass, and no samples this has proved to be one of the most popular albums ever played since its release, and proof that Sukshinder Shinda's musical visions could well have been ahead of his time.

Having recorded and played live around the world and on some of the biggest stages, Sukshinder Shinda has seen his unique sound for AS Kang ('Jawani Boliyan' and 'Aish Karo'), Balwinder Safri ('Another Level'), and Harbhajan Mann ('Dil Apna Punjabi') take hold of audiences across the continents. The 2005 global smash 'Dil Lutiya' by Jazzy B, followed up Amrinder Gill's stunning album 'Dildarian' and the ground-breaking Bhangra track in the Bollywood film 'Teesri Ankh', are testament to his musical prowess.

Sukshinder Shinda the producer, composer, arranger, singer and musician from Handsworth - is a music machine. Since his introduction to his mentor Kuldip S. Matharu and his tutorship under legendary Gold champion Dhol player Laal Singh Bhatti, Shinda's creative talents have seen become an accomplished player of the harmonium, tabla and keyboards. "With the immense guidance of my teacher and 'Guru' Ustad Ajit S. Mathalashi ji I have learned so much from him, but I feel there is still so much more knowledge to be gained each day in the field of music."

Since going solo, Shinda's live stage shows have captured the imagination of the public in virtually every corner of the world. Count San Francisco, Washington, Toronto, Kenya, Dubai, Pakistan, Australia and Norway as territories that have witnessed his full live band and the versatility of his voice to make him one of Bhangra's most in-demand performers.

Sukshinder Shinda's latest album, 'Living The Dream', displays growth and introduces a number of new musical elements. The lyrics have their own unique appeal and represent a new element to Shinda's singing style and in addition to his own vocals tracks it also includes it combines a touch of traditional Punjabi folk feel with urban street beats representing Shinda's contemporary and traditional traits to a tee.

Whether you catch the man on stage, in the recording studio or through one of his new music releases, there can be no doubt that he is an exceptional talent in the modern era of Asian entertainment. His devotion to the sound of music and rhythm endear his musical magic to attain an enduring popularity. Sukshinder Shinda has a rare gift for taking the traditions of the past and translating them into the language of today's modern cultures.

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