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Date of birth : -
Date of death : -
Birthplace : Bombay, India
Nationality : Indian
Category : Famous Figures
Last modified : 2010-11-01
Credited as : Bollywood singer and actress, hits: You Without Me, Stay, Prisoner, Patiently Wait

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Infectious, authentic, with a voice that is pure pop prowess-not to mention liquid black eyes and a face that could launch a thousand ships -- Tina Sugandh is the next wave of global music. Fusing pop, rock and a little bit of Bollywood, the young singer has a lot to share with the world about her varied influences. "That's my goal-to introduce mainstream America to some new sounds," she muses. "I think it's time for our beats to shine." On her debut album, Tina explores multifaceted relationships, self pride, and other human emotions and sets them to beats that are seared on the brain in one spin. On "Aja," which is Hindi for "come my way", bhangra thumps and an electrifying guitar riff are the backdrop to Tina's crystal-clear vocals, with a slight hint of her roots. "You Without Me," reveals Tina's vulnerability through a chorus that is instantly imprinted on the brain. "Patiently Wait" opens with tabla blows and staccato guitar strums, then crescendos to a repeated line filled with emotion. Perhaps the album's most exotic track, "Stay," is layered with heart wrenching Indian strings and percussions, as well as plaintive vocal acrobatics by Tina. With this debut album, Tina Sugandh creates a unique sound, proving herself to be a passionate writer and skilled instrumentalist, with an equally intense voice.

Growing up in New Jersey (her parents moved from Bombay when she was five months old), Tina Sugandh was immersed in music. Naturally gifted with an enchanting voice, Geeta, the matriarch of her close-knit family sang on the radio and at various functions (when she wasn't carrying out her responsibilities as a marketing professional); while the patriarch, Kanaiya, was a charismatic and charming master of ceremony, singer, and comedian (when he wasn't teaching at his University). Together, they were an enthralling couple, entertaining friends at gatherings and parties. Tina and her sister, Seema, traveled with their parents to all of their performances. It was at the age of five that Tina had found her calling. "The first time my parents allowed me to sing on stage was at a fair," she recalls. "I was five and I sang a ghazal, which is a type of song you can sing only if you have a trained voice. As soon as I got up there, I tried to take over. My parents were surprised when they realized I was trying to steal the spotlight! They recognized that I loved performing and wanted to be a part of the show. They encouraged me and supported my love of music and performing. They also kept me focused and gave me a strong work ethic by insisting that I could continue performing as long as my grades at school remained high." That started "The Sugandh Family" music legacy. Throughout Tina's school years, The Sugandh Family performed all over the U.S. and the Caribbean, and gained a huge following in the Indian community. At one concert, Tina begged her father to let her take over for one song and play the drum that he played, (called the dholak). As she began to play, the audience was dumbstruck. "My father wondered how a seven-year-old could have a sense of rhythm like that." Tina's parents decided to introduce her to a more intricate drum, the tabla, a two-barreled percussion that takes years to master and is predominantly played by men. "Dictating rhythm came so naturally to me. I loved playing live. At the start of the show, people would see me sitting behind the drum and think, oh, how cute-she's tuning the tabla for her father to play. No one suspected that I would actually have the strength or ability to play - then I'd blow them away." Her proficiency earned her a nickname: TablaGirl.

As a 15-year-old, Tina was discovered by Sean Harris, a screenwriter and creative mentor who would help shape Tina's talents. Sean eventually convinced Tina that she should pursue music as a career and, to that end, spent time working on a demo. Between her studies as a biology major at Rutgers University (where she eventually graduated on the Dean's List), and weekend performances with the Sugandh Family, Tina would drive to Washington DC to work with Sean, who arranged photo shoots and studio time for her, and most importantly, encouraged her to write her own music. The first song she ever wrote, "I Spit Fire," appears on her debut album. Once Tina completed her demo and promo package, Tina approached her future methodically. "Every morning I'd send out a few demos, make about 30 calls to labels, and keep very detailed notes on each conversation," she laughs. "I'd write down every time I followed up. It was studious and dorky, but when I want something to work, I create a plan and persistently follow through until I get what I want." Her persistence paid off when a friend introduced her to Sean Sullivan, who had been working with Maxwell, John Mellencamp and Jessica Simpson and was starting a new management company. Sean was impressed and had her perform for Jay Jay French (Twisted Sister, Sevendust), his partner in the new venture. Jay Jay was equally impressed and the duo signed her to their new company, Rebellion Entertainment. They spent the next year developing her songs and creating new demos. These demos lead to a publishing deal with Warner/ Chappell Music and a Sony deal. Working with producers Lester Mendez (Shakira, Enrique Iglesias and Jewel), Track & Field (Nelly Furtado), Ming & FS, Dr. Luke and Danny P, Tina wrote or co-wrote all twelve tracks on her debut. The songs are filled with optimism, longing and self-confidence. Flitting between fun nights of clubbing ("Inevitably") and her relationship with her mother ("You Without Me") to the heart-wrenchingly beautiful love song ("Stay"), Tina is determined to keep her message positive and remain true to her heritage. Instruments, like the tabla, the dhol, and the harmonium appear all over the tracks. Even The Sugandh Family make several cameo appearances on the album, which is both ancient and modern, soothing and danceable.

With her Sony debut, Tina Sugandh unveils her blend of exotic South-Asian rhythms and show-stopping ballads to the world. "I feel like the constant encouragement, years of performance experience, and musical genes that my family blessed me with were all in preparation for this moment in my life." confesses Tina, who also is one of the hosts of the popular program Asian Variety Show on Saturday mornings ("It's the Entertainment Tonight for Bollywood."). "There was a time when Latin music was a bit foreign, and now you hear it's beauty everywhere. I believe it's time for the Indian sound to explode." By lighting the fuse, Tina Sugandh is among the first to ignite the Indian explosion.


* River of Dreams - Around The World In 80 Days (2004)
* There Is No Alternative (T.I.N.A.) - Ice Princess (2005)
* White Christmas - Christmas With The Kranks (2004)
* Lift Off - Raise Your Voice
* I Be What I Be - Masala! Mehndi! Masti! Festival (2005)
* Break it Down - The Clique (2008)
* Theme song from Hope & Faith with Kelly Ripa (2005)

Her first album, TablaGirl, came out on May 12, 2009. The following tracks are available on the album:

* Jao
* Bollywood Girl
* You Without Me
* Break Me
* HisStory
* Indestructible
* Patiently Wait
* T.here I.s N.o A.lternative
* Love Junkie
* Prisoner
* Stay

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