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Toma Caragiu (En) biography

Date of birth : 1925-08-21
Date of death : 1977-04-04
Birthplace : Aetomilitsa, Greece
Nationality : Romanian
Category : Famous Figures
Last modified : 2011-03-04
Credited as : Theatre actor , tv personality, died in 1977 earthquake

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Toma Caragiu was a Romanian theatre, television and film actor.

Toma Caragiu was one of the best Romanian actors, with a rich activity in both film and theatre. He liked to play comic characters, but he excelled also in drama, on of his reference film was Actorul si Salbaticii. He played alongside great actors such as Stefan Banica, Octavian Cotescu, Anda Calugareanu etc.

Toma Caragiu is most famous for his monologs. In these short stories, he manages to put together a story that combines, sarcasm, satire, black humour. His monologues are subtle and deal with a variety of topics, starting with politics and ending up with mitical concepts. In each and every monologue he puts his personal touch, thus creating a warm and humorous atmosphere.

His death was unexpected, occurring in Bucharest, during the earthquake of March 4 1977, while he was in his most creative period of his life, and being far from having said the last word in the Romanian theatre and film, he is remembered by everyone as a great satire artist.

Caragiu died in the 1977 Vrancea earthquake in Bucharest when his apartment collapsed on him. He is buried in the Bellu cemetery.

You can watch here a scene with Romanian beloved actor Toma Caragiu:


Poveste sentimentala, regia Iulian Mihu, 1962
Strazile au amintiri, regia Manole Marcus, 1962
Politica si delicatese, regia Haralambie Boros, 1963
Cartierul veseliei, regia Manole Marcus, 1965
Procesul alb, regia Iulian Mihu, 1966
Haiducii, regia Dinu Cocea, 1966
Vremea zapezilor, regia Gheorghe Naghi, 1966
Seful sectorului suflete, regia Gheorghe Vitanidis, 1967
Subteranul, regia Virgil Calotescu, 1967
Rapirea fecioarelor, regia Dinu Cocea, 1968
Razbunarea haiducilor, regia Dinu Cocea, 1968
Haiducii lui Sapte Cai, regia Dinu Cocea, 1970
BD in alerta, 1970
BD in actiune
BD la munte si la mare, 1971
Zestrea Domnitei Ralu, regia Dinu Cocea, 1971
Saptamana nebunilor, regia Dinu Cocea, 1971
Facerea lumii, regia Gheorghe Vitanidis, 1971
Bariera, regia Mircea Muresan, 1972
Explozia, regia Mircea Dragan, 1972
Ciprian Porumbescu, regia Gheorghe Vitanidis, 1973
Proprietarii, regia Serban Creanga, 1974
Trei scrisori secrete, regia Virgil Calotescu, 1974
Tatal risipitor, regia Adrian Petringenaru, 1974
Actorul si salbaticii, regia Manole Marcus, 1975
Nu filmam sa ne amuzam, regia Iulian Mihu, 1975
Mastodontul, regia Virgil Calotescu, 1975
Operatiunea "Monstrul", regia Manole Marcus, 1975
Premiera, regia Mihai Constantinescu, 1975
Serenada pentru etajul XII, regia Carol Corfanta, 1976
Conditia Penelopei (voce), regia Luminita Cazacu, 1976
Gloria nu canta, regia Alexandru Bocanet, 1977
Buzduganul cu trei peceti, regia Constantin Vaeni, 1977
Marele singuratic, regia Iulian Mihu, 1977

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