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Viggo Widerøe biography

Date of birth : 1904-08-14
Date of death : 2002-01-08
Birthplace : Kristiania, Norway
Nationality : Norwegian
Category : Famous Figures
Last modified : 2023-08-14
Credited as : Aviator and entrepreneur, founder of Widerøe airline, father of Turi Widerøe

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* Early Life and Family Connections
Viggo Widerøe, born on August 13, 1904, in Kristiania, Norway (now Oslo), left an indelible mark on the aviation industry. He hailed from a family of innovation, with his father, Theodor Widerøe, and brother, Rolf Widerøe, making notable contributions to engineering.

* Founding Widerøe: Pioneering Norway's Skies
In 1934, Viggo Widerøe ventured into the world of aviation entrepreneurship by establishing Widerøe, which eventually became Norway's third-largest airline. His vision and determination led to the creation of this iconic company, setting the stage for significant advancements in Norwegian air travel.

* Personal Life and Legacy
Widerøe's personal life was marked by meaningful connections. He married Solveig Agnes Schrøder in 1935, and their daughter, Turi Widerøe, brought new dimensions to his life. Through Turi's marriage to Karl Erik Harr, Viggo Widerøe's influence extended even further.

*Trailblazing Career in Aviation
Widerøe's journey in aviation began early, as he set his sights on becoming an aviator as early as 1910. After obtaining his pilot's license in 1925, he joined the Royal Norwegian Navy Air Service and later transitioned to civilian aviation. Viggo's dedication to aviation was unwavering; he participated in aerial photography, air shows, and charter passenger flights, all aimed at fostering public interest in aviation.

*Widerøe's Flyveselskap: A Milestone in Aviation
In 1934, Viggo co-founded Widerøe's Flyveselskap A/S with his brother Arild Widerøe and Einar Isdahl. This groundbreaking venture introduced scheduled domestic flights in Norway, significantly shaping the country's aviation landscape. Despite challenges and setbacks, including concessions transferring to another company, Viggo's determination prevailed.

*Challenges and Triumphs
Viggo Widerøe's life wasn't without adversity. Tragedy struck in 1937 when a flight accident claimed the lives of Arild Widerøe and other family members. During World War II, Viggo demonstrated his courage by aiding the Norwegian resistance, eventually enduring imprisonment due to his involvement.

* Post-War Contributions
After the war, Viggo's contributions continued. He played roles in aviation authorities, airlines, and even the Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS). His journey encompassed roles as a pilot, director, and headhunter, contributing significantly to the aviation landscape.

* Recognition and Legacy
Viggo's impact earned him recognition, including the Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav in 1954. His enduring legacy extended beyond Norway's borders, with the naming of Mount Widerøe in Antarctica in his honor.

* A Life Remembered
Viggo Widerøe's journey in aviation and entrepreneurship has left an indelible mark on Norway and the world. His vision, innovation, and dedication continue to inspire future generations in their pursuit of excellence.

Viggo Widerøe, 1904–2002: A Pioneer's Legacy Soars On.

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