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Pharrell takes rapper to court

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Hip-hop music producer and rapper Pharrell Williams has filed a lawsuit asking a US court to rule he has not violated any trademark that Black Eyed Peas rapper owns for the phrase I AM. Pharrell is asking the court Manhattan federal to rule that his newest YouTube Channel "I Am other" isn't a violation of trademark., by his real name William Adams, has repeatedly sent letters to Williams demanding he stop using versions of the phrase I AM on a website founded by Williams, The website, according to the lawsuit, focuses on "encouraging individuality through different forms of expression."

Trademarks owned by Pharrells's company, I Am Other Entertainment, do not have periods between the "i" and the "am," while those owned by do, the lawsuit said. Further, the lawsuit claimed,'s trademark for I AM covers clothing and is "relatively weak" because similar trademarks already exist.

At the same time, he argues that - real name William Adams - is using the "I Am" in a manner reminiscent of children's author Dr Seuss. His legal submissions even quote from one of the writer's stories, Green Eggs And Ham, saying: "Sam I am, I am Sam, I am Sam, Sam I am."

An attorney for was not immediately available for comment.

Pharrell is part of the musical duo The Neptunes and has collaborated with artists including Justin Timberlake, Kanye West and Jay-Z.

Pharrell takes rapper to court

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