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North Korea commemorated late leader Kim Jong-il, ranked 'Generalissimo'

North Korea should have celebrated the 70th birthday of their longtime leader Kim Jong-il today, February 16th, but instead of joyful celebration they've commemorated him with a solemn military parade, and thousands of red "kimjongilia" begonias. Smiling and saluting, new leader Kim Jong-Un reviewed a parade of thousands of soldiers Thursday who vowed to protect him with their lives as North Korea commemorated the 70th birthday of his late father, Kim Jong-il.

Kim Jong Un, wearing a dark Mao-style suit and a solemn expression, bowed deeply before a large portrait of his smiling father in Kumsusan Memorial Palace in Pyongyang, the capital. Hundreds of senior officials, military leaders and citizens followed to pay their respects.

Outside the palace, a huge crowd of North Korean soldiers lined up in neat rows on a sunny but frigid day, listening to speeches praising the Kim family. Later, the new leader and other officials watched as goose-stepping soldiers marched by, followed by military jeeps and trucks carrying artillery guns and rocket launchers. Fireworks exploded, military music boomed and people waved artificial pink and red flowers.

Two days before, a bronze statue of late North Korean leader was unveiled on Monday, Febr. 13th in Pyongyang. This is the first bronze casting of Kim, who during his lifetime has made the massive bronze statue of his father, Kim Il Sung. Composers have crafted new odes to Kim Jong-il, while sculptors have chiselled slogans honouring him into the sides of mountains. His birthday was renamed "Day of the Shining Star," and this week he was accorded a new title: Generalissimo.

North Korea commemorated late leader Kim Jong-il, ranked \'Generalissimo\'

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