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Taylor Swift gets Punk'd by Bieber, crashes someone's wedding

For the ninth season of Punk'd Ashton Kutcher chose to remain behind the scenes rather than participating in each of the gags, and sent for the season premiere Canadian popstar Justin Bieber who took his first prank on country singer Taylor Swift, a close friend of his.

It was easy to make her get to a seaside villa under the pretense of collaborating on a song together. What happened next?! Taylor faces her worst fear: she ruined someone's wedding! Once the Speak Now songstress arrived, Bieber reveals a collection of fireworks that he picked up while he was on tour in Japan, and he convinces Swift to help him shoot a few of them off. After she reluctantly participates, however, Bieber and his assistant point out a boat on the horizon that appears to have been struck by their fireworks and is now aflame.

Swift's immediate concern is exacerbated when she sees a bride (Anne Gregory) and groom (Andrew Santino) stumbling out of a lifeboat into the surf below the house. They make their way to the balcony where Swift and Bieber are watching the action unfold, and begin asking what happened – because their wedding is now ruined. A neighbor (Adam Lustick) approaches from next door and starts asking questions, saying he's already called the police (presumably preventing Swift from calling the real authorities). But as the priest overseeing the wedding (Daryl Johnson) hilariously makes his way out of the water on the next lifeboat trip, Swift seems poised to call the Coast Guard, prompting the show's producers to intervene and reveal that the whole thing was an elaborate joke. (Somewhat appropriately, Swift is so sweet – the sweetest girl ever in Bieber's words - and startled by the revelation that she barely seems to get mad.)

His next two targets were Rob Dydek and Sean Kingston. His gag including singer Sean Kingston was pretty good too. It involved a fight between an executive and a female assistant that ends in her crashing his car in the front of a restaurant.

As previously mentioned, Punk'd 2.0 will feature a new host every week. After Bieber, you can look for celeb pranksters including Miley Cyrus, Twilight's Kellan Lutz, Bam Margera, Hayden Panettiere and others.

Taylor Swift gets Punk\'d by Bieber, crashes someone\'s wedding

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