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Biographies of "Arhitecture and Engineering" peoples starting with J letter

Jack Welch biography

John Ambrose Fleming biography

Jacobus Kapteyn biography

John Browning biography

Jacobus Oud biography

John DeLorean biography

Jacqueline Cochran biography

John Ferguson McLennan biography

Jacques Derrida (En.) biography

John Glenn Jr. biography

Jacques Etienne Montgolfier biography

John Hopkinson biography

Jacques Herzog biography

John Joseph Carty biography

Jacques Piccard biography

John Logie Baird biography

Jacques-Germain Soufflot (En.) biography

John McComb Jr. biography

Jakob Ackeret biography

John Mervin Carrere biography

James Bogardus biography

John Nash biography

James Buchanan Duke biography

John Presper Eckert biography

James Buchanan Eads biography

John Russell Pope biography

James Gamble Rogers biography

John Stefanidis biography

James Gibbs biography

John Swanton biography

James Henry Breasted biography

John Wellborn Root biography

James Hoban biography

John Wesley Powell biography

James Ingo Freed biography

John Work Garrett biography

James Irwin biography

John Wren biography

James J. Hill biography

Jon Cryer biography

James Mooney biography

Jorge Isaacs biography

James Renwick biography

Jose Benito de Churriguera biography

James Starley biography

Josef Hoffmann biography

James Stirling (architect) biography

Joseph Abeille biography

James V. Taranik biography

Joseph Bramah biography

James Wyatt biography

Joseph Urban biography

Jan Oort biography

Josephine Cochrane biography

Jean Monnet biography

Juan Terry Trippe biography

Jeana Yeager biography

Judith A. Resnik biography

Jesús Eduardo Amaral biography

Juergen Schrempp biography

Jesse Kovacs biography

Jules Hardouin Mansart biography

Jimmy Doolittle biography

Julia Morgan biography

Johann Jakob Bachofen biography

Julian Steward biography

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