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Biographies of "Historian personalities" peoples starting with H letter

Hadrian biography

Henry VIII of England biography

Hall J. Kelley biography

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow biography

Hammurabi biography

Heraclides of Pontus biography

Handsome Lake biography

Heraclitus biography

Hannibal biography

Herbert Baxter Adams biography

Hans Acker biography

Herbert Kitchener biography

Harriet Tubman biography

Herod the Great biography

Harrison Gray Otis biography

Herodot (de.) biography

Harry Houdini biography

Herodotus biography

Hatshepsut biography

Hideki Tojo biography

Heinrich Graetz biography

Hippocrates biography

Heinrich Himmler biography

Hippolyte Taine biography

Henri de La Rochejaquelein biography

Hirohito biography

Henri Poincaré biography

Ho-shen biography

Henry McNeal Turner biography

Homer biography

Henry Peter Brougham biography

Horace Mann Bond biography

Henry Shreve biography

Hussein of Jordan biography

Henry Steele Commager biography

Hyman G. Rickover biography

Henry the Navigator biography


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