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Abdul Gaffar Khan biography

Alexander the Great biography

Abraham Lincoln biography

Alexander VI biography

Abu Bakr Muhammad Ibn Zakariya ar-Razi (De) biography

Alexis Mikhailovich Romanov biography

Abu Nidal biography

Alexius I biography

Adams, John Quincy biography

Alfonso I of Portugal biography

Adolf Eichmann biography

Alfonso VI biography

Adolf Hitler biography

Alfonso X biography

Adolf Hitler (Ro.) biography

Alfonso XIII of Spain biography

Adolphe Quételet biography

Alfred Jodl biography

Adolphe Quetelet biography

Alfred the Great biography

Aeschylus biography

Alojzije Stepinac biography

Afonso de Albuquerque biography

Amadou Bamba biography

Afonso III of Portugal biography

Amalie von Preussen biography

Aga Khan biography

Amenhotep III biography

Agesilaus II biography

Amerigo Vespucci biography

Agha Mohammad Khan biography

Amina of Zaria biography

Agustín de Iturbide biography

Ana Pauker (En.) biography

Ahmed Koprulu biography

Anastasia Romanov biography

Akbar the Great biography

Anathon Aall biography

Akbar, Jalaluddin Muhammad biography

André-Hercule de Fleury biography

Akiba ben Joseph biography

Anna Comnena biography

Al-Farabi biography

Anna Magdalena Appel (de.) biography

Al-Hajj Omar biography

Anne Boleyn biography

Alaric biography

Anne d'Autriche biography

Alauddin Khalji biography

Anne Frank biography

Albert I of Belgium biography

Anne Hutchinson biography

Albrecht Adam biography

Annie Oakley biography

Albrecht von Waldstein biography

Anthony Meuza Van Diemen biography

Aleksandr Herzen biography

Anton Denikin biography

Aleksandr Kerensky biography

Antonio de Mendoza biography

Aleksandr Kolchak biography

Antonio Maceo biography

Aleksandr Suvorov biography

Arai Hakuseki (de) biography

Alessandro Farnese biography

Archduke Franz Ferdinand biography

Alexander I biography

Archimedes biography

Alexander I of Yugoslavia biography

Aristophanes biography

Alexander II biography

Aritomo Yamagata biography

Alexander III biography

Ashoka biography

Alexander McGillivray biography

Asoka biography

Alexander Nevsky biography

Aspasia of Miletus biography

Alexander Spotswood biography

Attila biography

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