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Biographies of "Historian personalities" peoples starting with J letter

J.E.B. Stuart biography

Jean-Paul Marat biography

Jacob Burckhardt biography

Jeanne d'Arc biography

Jacob Riis biography

Joan of Arc biography

Jacob van Ruisdael biography

John Paul II biography

Jaime L. Sin biography

John Philip Sousa biography

James Anthony Froude biography

Jonathan Carver biography

James Bryce. 1st Viscount Bryce biography

José Carlos Mariátegui biography

James Fenimore Cooper biography

Joséphine de Beauharnais biography

James Harvey Robinson biography

Jose Rizal biography

James L. Bevel biography

Josef Mengele biography

James Z. George biography

Joseph Bologne de Saint-George biography

Jami biography

Joseph Bonaparte biography

Jared Sparks biography

Juan Manuel de Rosas biography

Jean Joseph Rabearivelo biography

Juan Ponce de León biography

Jean-Baptiste Colbert biography

Juan Vicente Gomez biography

Jean-Baptiste Lamy biography

Juliana of the Netherlands biography

Jean-Baptiste Lully biography

Julio González biography

Jean-Joseph d'Apcher biography


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