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Biographies of "Science and Technology" peoples starting with A letter

Andreas Marggraf biography

Arthur Compton biography

Andreas Vesalius biography

Arthur de Gobineau biography

Andrei Sakharov biography

Arthur F. Bentley biography

Andrei Tupolev biography

Arthur Keith biography

Andrew F. Huxley biography

Arthur Kornberg biography

Andrew V. Schally biography

Arvid Carlsson biography

Andrew Wiles biography

Asaph Hall biography

Andrew Z. Fire biography

Athanasius Kircher biography

Anil Kakodkar biography

August Dvorak biography

Ann-Kristin Achleitner biography

August Krogh biography

Annie Jump Cannon biography

August Weismann biography

Antoine Augustin Cournot biography

August Wilhelm von Hofmann biography

Antoine Henri Becquerel biography

Auguste Comte biography

Anton van Leeuwenhoek biography

Auguste Lumière biography

Antonia Maury biography

Auguste Lumière (en) biography

Arakatsu Bunsaku biography

Auguste Piccard biography

Archibald Scott Couper biography

Augustin Jean Fresnel biography

Archibald Vivian Hill biography

Augustin Louis Cauchy (En.) biography

Aristotle biography

Augustin-Louis Cauchy biography

Armand Hammer biography

Augusto Righi biography

Arne Wilhelm Kaurin Tiselius biography

Aurel Vlaicu biography

Arno Penzias biography

Austen Henry Layard biography

Arnold Gesell biography

Aviel Rubin biography

Art Fry biography

Avram Hershko biography

Arthur Agatston biography

Ayn Rand biography

Arthur C. Brooks biography


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