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Alfred Milner biography

Anne Hidalgo biography

Alfredo Cristiani biography

Anne-Marie Lizin biography

Alfredo Stroessner biography

Anson Burlingame biography

Alger Hiss biography

Antal Apro (de) biography

Ali Abdallah Salih biography

Anthony Appiah (de) biography

Alice M. Rivlin biography

Anthony Eden biography

Alija Izetbegovic biography

Anthony McAuliffe biography

Alvaro Obregon biography

Antonin Proust biography

Alvaro Uribe Vélez biography

Antonin Scalia biography

Amadou Toumani Touré biography

Antonio Agostinho Neto biography

Amalia Garcia biography

Antonio de Oliveira Salazar biography

Amin Gemayel biography

Antonio Gramsci biography

Amintore Fanfani biography

Antonio López de Santa Ana biography

Amos Kendall biography

Anwar Sadat biography

Ana Adriana Saftoiu biography

Arbab Ghulam Rahim biography

Anand Panyarachun biography

Ariel Sharon biography

Anastasio Somoza biography

Aristide Briand biography

Anastasio Somoza Debayle biography

Arlette Laguiller biography

Anatoly A. Sobchak biography

Armand Barbès biography

Anders Fogh Rasmussen biography

Arnaud Montebourg biography

André Ferrand biography

Arno Klarsfeld biography

André Gattolin biography

Arnulfo Arias biography

Andreas Papandreou biography

Arthur Balfour biography

Andrei Gromyko biography

Arthur Cecil Pigou biography

Andrei Kozyrev biography

Arthur Goldberg biography

Andrei Vyshinsky biography

Arthur Henderson biography

Andres de Santa Cruz biography

Arthur Lee biography

Andrew Fisher biography

Arthur Levitt biography

Andrew Gregg Curtin biography

Arthur Meighen biography

Andrew Jackson Goodpaster biography

Arthur Scargill biography

Andrew Jackson Young Jr. biography

Artur da Costa e Silva biography

Andrew M. Greeley biography

Arturo Alessandri biography

Andrew Marvell biography

Arturo Frondizi biography

Andrew Mellon biography

Arun Gandhi biography

Andrew Young biography

Ashcroft John biography

Aneurin Bevan biography

Asif Ali Zardari biography

Ann Widdecombe biography

Atal Behari Vajpayee biography

Ann Willis Richards biography

Aubry Martine biography

Anna Ella Carroll biography

Augusto B. Leguia biography

Annan, Kofi Atta biography

Augusto C. Sandino biography

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