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Biographies of "Politics" peoples starting with G letter

Gérard Bailly biography

George Wallace biography

Gérard Miquel biography

George Washington biography

Gérard Schivardi biography

George Wildman Ball biography

Gaëtan Gorce biography

Georges Cadoudal biography

Gabby Giffords biography

Georges Clemenceau biography

Gabriel Biancheri biography

Georges Frèche biography

Gabriel Terra biography

Georges Jacques Danton biography

Galo Plaza Lasso biography

Georges Labazée biography

Gamal Abdel Nasser biography

Georges Pompidou biography

Gaositwe K. T. Chiepe biography

Georges Siffredi biography

Garfield Todd biography

Geraldine Ferraro biography

Gary Hart biography

Gerry E. Studds biography

Gary Johnson biography

Gheorghe Funar biography

Gary Locke biography

Gheorghe Pogea biography

Gaston Thorn biography

Gilbert Barbier biography

Gaylord A. Nelson biography

Gilbert Mitterrand biography

General Oliver Cromwell biography

Giorgio Napolitano biography

George Bancroft biography

Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada biography

George Brown (politician) biography

Gopinath Bordoloi biography

George F. Kennan biography

Gorbachev Mikhail biography

George Frederick Baer biography

Gordon Brown biography

George H. Pendleton biography

Gough Whitlam biography

George Habash biography

Gracchus Babeuf biography

George Hearst biography

Grover Cleveland biography

George Henry Thomas biography

Guillaume Dubois biography

George John Mitchell biography

Guillermo Endara biography

George McGovern biography

Gustav Husak biography

George Osborne biography

Gustav Stresemann biography

George Pratt Shultz biography

Guy Môquet biography

George Soros biography

Guy Mollet biography

George W. Bush biography

Guzman Blanco biography

George W. Romney biography


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