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A. J. Ayer biography

Adolph Zukor biography

A. R. Ammons biography

Adolphus Busch biography

A. R. Rahman biography

Adolphus Egerton Ryerson biography

Édouard Bled biography

Adoniram Judson biography

Édouard Brasey biography

Adonis biography

Élisée Reclus biography

Adrian Marino biography

Élisabeth Badinter biography

Adrian Paunescu biography

Émeric de Monteynard biography

Adrian Willaert biography

Éric Simard biography

Adrienne Maloof biography

Éric Hazan biography

Aelfric biography

Éric Vial biography

Agnès Desarthe biography

Éric Yung biography

Agnes Maude Royden biography

Éric Zemmour biography

Agnes Nixon biography

Étienne Aymonier biography

Agnetha Faltskog biography

Étienne Taillemite biography

Agota Kristof biography

Évelyne Bloch-Dano biography

Ahad Ha-Am biography

Aamir Khan biography

Ahad Ha'am biography

Aaron Copland biography

Aharon Appelfeld biography

Abbé Pierre biography

Aharon Appelfeld (de) biography

Abbé Pierre biography

Ahmadou Kouroum biography

Abbey Lincoln biography

Ahmed Ali biography

Abbie Hoffman biography

Ahmet Ertegun biography

Abbott and Costello biography

Ai Qing biography

Abe Burrows biography

Aimé Césaire biography

Abernathy David biography

Aimee Semple McPherson biography

Abhay Deol biography

Ajay Devgan biography

Abigail Adams biography

Ajith Kumar biography

Abu Nuwas biography

Al Capone biography

AC/DC biography

Al Hibbler biography

Achille Claude Debussy biography

Al Hirschefeld biography

Achim von Arnim biography

Al Hirt biography

Adalet Agaoglu biography

Al Jolson biography

Adam Ferguson biography

Al-Hajj Amin al-Husayni biography

Adam Smith biography

Al-Masudi biography

Adam von Fulda biography

Al. Piru biography

Adela Popescu biography

Alain Bellet biography

Adi Godrej biography

Alain Blondy biography

Adolf von Harnack biography

Alain Chiche biography

Adolph Coors biography

Alain Decaux biography

Adolph Simon Ochs biography

Alain Finkielkraut biography

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